It is a common case to plan a night out with your couple by selecting a restaurant. And you don’t book the first available one, but make a filter like: this one is cool for drinking beer with friends, this one is ok for a going out with business partners and ahaa, this will suit for a romantic dinner.


In digital marketing we have quite similar situation. When we have prepared our ads and feel it’s time to post them, we choose the platforms that will suit us: social media, chats, websites or another place. That part, like choosing a restaurant in the example above, was about media planning.


When you have finally selected a place for a nice evening and ring to book a table, in some sense it can be called media buying. The process itself in marketing is necessary for your target audience certainly to see your ads, i.e. you could have nice time at the place you wanted in the atmosphere you need.


The same as with the restaurant, a company buys certain places and time limits for publishing their ads to reach target audience.


How to organize media buying successfully?

Define, who your target is

Think and draw a picture about your ideal customer: gender, age, location, interested, possible visited sites. Even a small detail can become very important.


Spend some time on research

Study your audience behaviour: where they go, what they like buying, eating, which sites they visit. All this information will help you to analyze where to publish your ads and cover target people more.


State goals

You should understand why you want to launch your campaign. It can be brand awareness, sales or some other ideas, but only understanding what you should come to will help you to track your results.

Share your goals with a marketing agency, if you apply to any, for them to understand and advice how it can be reached.



Here you should define where, in which amounts, for which time and places you will open a campaign for.


Do it!

The process of opening, launching and running the campaign may seem to you the most exciting event ever. But it is only part of the story. Like in the restaurant, a waiter, a sommelier should come to you and ask which dish you would like to have now, whether everything is tasty and so on. In the campaign, you should check whether the ads are posted, their location is exactly where you wanted it and, what is more, what is the result of tall this mess.


So, how is it?

It’s really cool if everything goes as it has been planned, as you can expand your campaign to enjoy greater results. But if something is wrong you should hurry up to consult with the agency you have trusted your campaign and take immediate steps to correct mistakes.


What will you ad to this action plan? Share with us and get a piece of advice from an experienced team!