The “Nature” creates the art piece, traditional materials of shipbuilding to connect with modern geometric shapes. The aim of the study is to prepare the yachts in new ways. And to demonstrate how luxury with innovation.

it begins with the renunciation of the classic White of the outer skin. The most striking exterior Element surfaces are the huge rectangular window. Where a lot of ships, countless window to distribute cells in a block of flats on the case, make the window of the “Nature” of the hull and let the boat through the reflections in a dialogue with the waves.

a retreat has been Designed on the open sea. Real nature, there are also on Board – namely, a generous garden.

U-boat construction

Come to the super, the luxury U-boats-yachts for the super rich?

Gernot Kramper

“the Name of The yacht has for us a double meaning: It refers both to human nature and the way man and nature interact as the environment,” says Sander Sinot, the Designer and founder of Sinot. “As designers, we are always fascinated by the nature in its perfection, purity and size; the nature offers endless sources of inspiration. But we have found that there is sometimes a strict distinction between natural and human-built structures, and we wanted to exceed these limits.”

the goal is, the boundaries between the vessel body and the surroundings to dissolve. Floor-to-ceiling Windows offer spectacular views of the sparkling lake. In the design, care was taken to leave the space as natural light flood in. In the interior, mostly natural materials such as wood and stone are used.

The “Nature”, however, is only designed for a small group of guests. It offers space for 18 guests and up to 50 crew members. The yacht has eight guest suites, a spacious Suite for the owners, a Spa Deck, a gym and a swimming pool at sea level. Even at an Observatory, and an indoor garden you do not need to do without on Board.

Four years should it take, until the construction of the super-yacht is completed.