In the Region of Karaganda in Kazakhstan, was found a well-preserved tomb in which a Couple has the journey into the Hereafter commenced. Both are nestled after 5000 years, close to each other. The Couple appears to have come from the wealthy ruling class – someone could afford a funeral with expensive grave goods. Although the tomb was plundered in ancient times, is armed, the man still with a quiver full of arrows and a dagger. The woman next to him is wearing rich jewellery including bracelets made of green semi-precious stones.

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Also the precious jewelry, the woman remained in the grave.

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He was one of the warriors who ruled from their chariots once the world. The little carts that were pulled by horses, a revolution in bronze age warfare. In Europe, it combines mostly Hittites, Egyptians, and Persians with this car. Had its origin on the chariots in the steppes of Asia.

war is the elite of the steppes

right next to the Couple is a horse and cart, in front of him two sacrificed horses. Is surrounded the tomb of standing stones. The archaeologist Dr. Igor Kukushkin, is the man a member of the warrior elite, the charioteer.

Whether the two dead were really a Couple, you can not say with certainty. The rich jewelry and the intimate attitude suggest, however. “Such a coupled burials are in our area are not uncommon,” said Kukushkin to the “Daily Mail”. “But the question of how the second Person of the deceased, is still unresolved.”

Pair in the Afterlife

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Zombie fear of mangled English in the middle ages, their dead

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investigations of the skeletons can shed light on the life and diet of the two. So you can find out whether they came from a social stratum. If it was a Few, it is likely, Kukushkin, that the woman had accompanied her Lover into death and before the funeral killed. Conceivable, however, Kukushkin, that suitable persons died in a timely manner, were buried as a lover for eternity, regardless of your relationship prior to the death.

“has Been killed by the woman or the man, to ensure that they follow your other half? The dead were a man and a woman? Or the Couple from a man and a woman who were not married, and just about the same time died?”, Kukushkin says. “Our first studies of these skeletons showed no visible traces of a violent death, but more detailed Work should help to clarify the cause of her death.”

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When the horses, however, it is likely that they were sacrificed. They were placed back-to-back. Then has been clamped. So, as you would the car. “We can be pretty sure that both horses were killed …. The horses are on the sides, back-to-back. This is a rare item that is very similar to the famous rock drawings of the dispute.”

In the graves also spear were found peaks of stone and Bronze. Archaeologists also discovered an arrowhead and a gold plated pendant along with ceramic figures. In addition to the eye-catching bracelets the woman wore a necklace and pendant made from Bronze and semi-precious stones. In addition, the buckle and the leather straps of the harness are amazingly complete. “Such a rare find of so important Details of a car harness is a great happiness for the research.”

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“Game of Thrones” in Sweden – the middle ages-massacre killed a whole village from

In the early middle ages, a Weir was raided village in Sweden. No one survived the attack, the residents were so surprised that they fought back against their Killer. 1500 years, no man entered the dead fortress.

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