In Asia and in particular Japan, it turns up on our toilets the nose. The own high-tech models are far from our devices as far as the water flushing bar from the Thunder. Flagship technique are bowls models such as NeoRest750 of Toto. The lid closes and opens automatically. Not with a Bang, but with an elegant Swing, the container opens, at the same time, the wall of a fine mist of water is moistened. This Film is not the reduced friction, so that the big business is sticking to the ugly traces behind. The glasses is heated for a pleasant and relaxing session.

The shower is the highlight of

and Then the Clou, for the these toilets are famous: One Arm moves and an ablution performs delicate zones. After the shower, from the bottom of drying warm air. With the remote control for several programs to select from. In order for the toilet are always a nice place, Sensors measure the air to the surroundings and will enable you with fresh scents.

of Course, such a noble toilet should not be with a rough brush given a hard time. In the rest phase, intense UV light cleans the surface of dirt particles.

Also unlike the us in Japan but also at public toilets was a perfect equipment. Even in sports stadiums and great restaurants, Super wait-toilets like the Toto on the guest.

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The first airplane

in 1903, started the Wright brothers the first airplane that was able to rise from its own power into the air. From him, the aircraft developed, as we know it today. The dream of flying came true, the man broke the surface of the earth, and conquered the third Dimension.

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In Japan, it is concerned that Strangers might be overwhelmed with these high-tech toilets. You are helpless on the amount of control options. The Association of plumbing manufacturer has decided to develop a uniform Pictograms for the uninitiated, a toilet crisis during the Olympic summer games 2020. Because the Japanese characters say to the foreigners mostly nothing.


These Pictograms are intended to help foreigners.

In Asia, this toilet is very popular in the West by slowly. The main reason is likely to be the price. The NeoRest750 costs in the U.S. at least $ 10,000 – a saving but also the toilet paper. But who she has met once, will not want to miss the comfort. Even the “New York Times” has presented the cult of the toilets by Toto.

The owner of a business for luxury plumbing needs in Manhattan is confident that its Asia-can turn to toilets for the whole life for the Better. The heated seat make the appeal: “Your life is fantastic, if you have a heated toilet seat!”

although There are cheaper models as the flagship of Toto – 2500 dollars of the interested party for the privilege must schedule at least. The New York-based Robert Aboulache confirmed to the newspaper, the life-enhancing effect of the miracle toilet. He had from the development of no idea, until he came to Japan. Back in the States, it lasted for three days, until he bought a Toto. “We are thrilled. This is our favorite toilet.” Constantly he tried to convince friends of the benefits: “I feel like an Apostle spreading the word of God.”

in Germany, Too, this happy customer is spreading. Here is the top model in Toto’s Neorest AC costs Washlet proud to 11,000 Euro. There are also Features such as water-jet shower “rear”, “rear soft” or jet of water “lady shower”. And because it is so beautiful, also the program “water steel Massage”.

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