Among robots, everybody can imagine something, the Artificial intelligence (AI) is less. But this Software, the learning is able to work independently and to recognize error, is vehicles, the basis for future innovations in robotics, medical diagnosis, or in the case of the Autonomous.

Without KI there will be no cutting-edge technology. Artificial intelligence to determine the future of mankind as a whole, – said Vladimir Putin in 2017. “Who is responsible in this area of the guide, is the ruler of the world”. In the meantime, it looks like the race for the leadership in this area would be fought between the USA and China. Russia but also the countries of the EU have been suspended from the Techno-giants.11-Boston Dynamics Video shows the end of the race and self-navigated robot-5783687337001

according to a new study by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) of the United Nations. The study points out that the US technology company IBM has 8920 patents, the largest AI patent portfolio, Microsoft follows with 5930 patents. Then other Asian companies. However, only a small part of the Chinese patents registered in foreign countries.

Strategic-by-step top position

sitting in China, 17 of the world’s 20 best universities and institutions concerned with AI. A particularly strong China at the “Deep Learning” – a machine learning technique that also includes speech recognition systems. In addition to the great academic efforts, the AI research in China of massive government support and by the very lax privacy. Thus, researchers and companies have stocks access to enormous data, which will enable your Software to work and continue to improve. It is no coincidence that Internet lead giants such as Google and Baidu, the AI-Revolution.

Ban on Autonomous weapons

The end of morality – in the next war of robots

Gernot Kramper

fight “Because of the data… because of the access to the data,” says Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO. “The United States and China have apparently conquered the top. You are a leader in this field, both in terms of the number of applications as well as scientific publications.”

Currently, the U.S. collect massive accusations against China. US President, Trump claimed that China stole American innovation and technologies. The WIPO indicates that the times of the predatory chivalry are the intellectual property in the middle Kingdom over. China has the world’s largest patent office, and has the largest number of domestic patent applications. The Europeans have a hard time against it. USA and China not only have large populations, the development of the KI is also supported with strategic foresight. The cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and support data protection, however, “may not the formation of large amounts of data. And we all know: The more data the better for machine Learning,” says Gurry.

In the next ten years, effectively

The WIPO carries out a quantitative analysis, on the quality and innovation of each of the patents, the organization can not make any statements. The organization knows, however, that a flood of patents with a certain distance also leads to economic activities. Currently, KI is a very hot topic. In the years since, in 2013 there were just as many patent applications for KI how in the 50 years before. Since 2013, 50 percent of all patents in KI are eliminated. In the next ten years, these patents are likely to determine the economic Act. Latest then it will show whether Europe is truly lost as it seems now.

source: WIPO Technology Trends – Artificial Intelligence

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By Malte Mansholt Kra