on The subject of “Ekranoplan” Fans are thinking involuntarily of Russia and the USSR. Here’s the gigantic floor-built planes that flew at low altitude over the sea level. But in addition to the rocket-makers of the military in the USSR, even small planes, the use of the ground effect.

While in Russia a gigantic Load of aircraft is a dream (read: “Russia wants to build the largest cargo aircraft in the world”), and the Kremlin is a sequel to the Caspian American television. in order (read: “Orlan – Russia is building the successor to the Caspian American television.”), is being developed in Singapore, a much smaller ground plane.

The Airfish 8 from Widget Works based on a German post-war design. He hovers between 0.5 and seven meters above the water and reaches a speed of almost 200 km/h. unlike the models of the USSR, the Airfish 8 is not a carrier. It is designed as a passenger ferry for up to eight people.

The ground effect leads to an Ekranoplan can’t reach speeds like an airplane, a ship is practically possible. In comparison to an aircraft, the Ekranoplan requires much less Fuel. Added benefits can come in the provisions of the legislature.

Ekranoplan: Airfish 8 – surfing on the wave comb Fullscreen

There is no training to be a real pilots it is necessary to start the Ekranoplan.

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The Airfish-models of Wiget Works to compete with Finnish and Russian companies. Their designs are based on patents and prototypes, derived by Dr. Alexander Lippisch.

is Lippisch today largely unknown, but it belongs to the great aircraft designers of the 20th century. He is considered the “father” of the Delta wing. In the Second world war, the missile-interceptor Messerschmitt Me 163 “Komet” based on his “project X”. After the Second world war, a record aircraft, Convair XF-92, the fighter Convair F-106 and the supersonic strategic Bomber Convair B-58 to his designs based.

Inverted Delta Design

He developed in the Sixties, conversely, swept-wing designs, which make it possible to use the ground effect in a relatively large height. In Lippichs Design of the effect is in an amount of 50 percent of the span, with the models from the USSR, there were only 10 percent. Because of the size of the military Ekranoplane this reached yet a sufficient level. However, smaller models would have problems to use the ground effect on a rough sea. Even a pure flight is possible, but then the machines would have been uneconomical.

rocket fighter

Messerschmitt Me 163 – Hitler’s “miracle weapon” was in the giant scanner lights

A copy of the Me 163 has been carefully scanned, in order to explore the inner workings of the rocket hunter. The “comet” is one of the so-called “wonder weapons” of the Kingdom – it was a clear mistake.

Gernot Kramper

As seen, the Airfish-8 is an aircraft, which is based on the 50-year-old Lippisch Design. The machine is 17.2 meters long, the wingspan is 15 meters. The shell is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. For the drive, a car used engine with 500 HP.

The Airfish flies in normal operation of up to seven meters in height, so it can skim too restless sea. The range is 500 miles, the travel speed is greater than 148 km/h.

The Airfish will surely take a normal ferry. Its field of application can be, for example, to bring guests quickly to the luxury hotels on the Islands. It would also be conceivable to transform a plane in a medical emergency station and to transport Doctors and patients quickly over the sea.

US to send propeller planes from the Second world war, to the Front

working for Ryanair is hell – because of the passengers

image band Fighter! Fighter aircraft of the Second world war are alive

At the “Flying fortress” B-17 fought Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the teeth

Modern air-to-water-Taxi is based on the design of Hitler’s rocket builders

Light Attack Aircraft

US to send propeller planes from the Second world war, to the Front

Because of the exorbitant cost of the F-35, the US want a small, cheap fighter aircraft purchase. In the context of the testing of only two Propeller-driven planes to be against real insurgents.

Gernot Kramper