Richard Yu leads the consumer business at Huawei and is the father of the Smartphone-success,

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eight years Ago, Huawei introduced its first Smartphone to Germany – at the Discounter Lidl. They were at the time, Europe-in-chief, sold especially network technology. Did you expect the huge success of the Huawei Smartphones?

In the time we were very weak, very small. But we still had the dream to conquer the Smartphone market. When I came to my time in Europe back to China, I applied exactly the reason why, as the head of the smartphone responsible for the consumer division. I had decided to make us in the future, one of the leading companies in the Smartphone industry.

so That was your Vision.

We had this dream. And we have achieved. (laughs)

What obstacles are the biggest?

the most important is The brand, no one knew Huawei. We had to develop a reputation. The second was knowledge and Know-How to Smartphones and technology, how to develop good Software and Hardware. Also, the structure of sales channels was initially a challenge. We had previously sold only to companies. We had to build everything step by step.

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Born in the East, the view to the West: Huawei wants to conquer the world

Huawei is all the rage, this year, the group could bumping Samsung from the Smartphone throne. However, what Huawei drives? We have visited the company in his hometown of Shenzhen, and a huge balancing act between East and West found.

By Malte Mansholt

As the P8 came out, had Huawei the claim, at the top, the device was not able to maintain the high quality standards of the competition. Only a year later, the P9 was able to convince but full of all the quirks removed, for example, were at the time of processing. What had happened in this short period of time?

We try to improve always more, are in a constant competition. In China, there were no role models, Samsung and Apple led the sector. We first had to learn how to develop good quality Software, support and Hardware. How to build a camera, and so on.

With the P9 led the first company to be Dual-camera. Previously had a Huawei risked very little, now put on Innovation. This is an important factor for the success of the company?

Since the P9, we lead the market in cameras. And our innovations in fast Charging of the rechargeable battery are one of our most important success factors. We could, for example, with the Mate 20 Per Standards to catch up to where the competitors only have to. This is very important for us, both areas are part of the reasons for the customer to be the most important Purchase. Therefore, we are concentrating at the time.

the to the Tablet fold-out Mate X you just showed is an impressive piece of technology. Also Samsung showed such a model. Do you think this is the next step?

In my eyes, foldable phones are a similar step as the introduction of the first iPhone. At that time, Apple has changed the market for years, the blueprint for all of the devices. The Mate of X is, in my eyes, the next big milestone. The biggest Innovation for the next ten years.

the main objective of the last years was to overtake Samsung in the Smartphone sales figures. By 2020, they wanted to achieve. Since last year, Huawei puts 39 percent, the distance is a few million units sold. Could Huawei conquer this year on the throne? What is the next target?

I think we could really create. After that, it will go on to be bigger and better. We want to lead the Smartphone industry in innovation, to provide customers with the best products to offer. My dream is to develop a lot wegweisendere products. Also in the case of PCs and other products.

a Long time, Huawei for cheap Smartphones. In the last few years has focused on the Premium sector. Worked this strategy for you?

When I took over the consumer business seven years ago, I made the decision, Huawei as a Premium brand. This was very important. We wanted for entry – level or mid-range devices to be known.

Was divided therefore Honor as an affordable subsidiary brand?

just, there we use the cheap market. The main brand is a Premium brand.

If you look at the profits in the Smartphone area, the largest part of the pie to Apple. How do you change that?

With time, develop our profits to the positive. Currently, our margin is still quite low, we put a lot of money in research and development of new products. We are for the time being, however, satisfied that we are profitable.

Are one reason for the low margins, the faster falling prices of Android Smartphones?

for a Long time that was so, but it is just noticeably better. It also had to do with brand awareness of customers. But it’s improving.

last year you were on the show with a passionate speech. Just before that, a Deal with mobile operator AT&T was off. He would have been your entry into the US market.

This was banned by the US government. You have prevented the business.

What do you suspect as the Background?

you have to ask the government. There are political reasons for this. The fears of Cyber-safety are just a pretext, we are more transparent than other companies, our products are safe.