Lupita Nyong’o and Chadwick Boseman in “Black Panther”

©Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios 2018

The Academy Awards are on 24. February 2019 to 91. Times awarded. Also this year there are some special milestones among the Oscar nominations. A superhero movie has already written history, but also Netflix can boast.

“Black Panther”

In a number of prestigious price super-heroes are for hire-strip and comic book adaptations usually left outside, they rather break records at the box office. Therefore, the Black Panther has “written” with the nomination in the category “Best Film” is already history. This was achieved before any super hero movie, not even “The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan (48). A Triumph would put in view of the fact that the advertised price for popular films has been postponed until Further notice, a clear sign. The competition is 2019 but.

“Black Panther” has a total of chances of getting seven gold boys, including Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart for the best scene image. Beachler is the first African-American woman, which was considered in this category. A further milestone.


With ten nominations, the Netflix movie “Roma” and the historical drama “The Favourite – intrigue and madness” as favorites going into the race to the Oscars. “Roma,” has brought to the streaming service, Netflix is the first nomination in the category of “Best Film”. The Spanish-language strip, but you get the ten entries with the “Tiger and Dragon” by Ang Lee (64) had scored in 2001 as a foreign-language Film ten nominations.

Netflix can look forward to 2019 with a total of 15 nominations, seven more than in 2018. In addition to the ten nominations for “Roma” is the Western “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” from the Coen brothers, in the categories “Best adapted screenplay”, “Best costume design” and “Best film song” has been considered. In addition, the Netflix productions of “endgame” and “Period to compete for the “Best short documentary”. End-of-Sentence” a Golden boy.

Kendrick Lamar

the Stars who are nominated in 2019 for the first Time for an Oscar, is one of the rappers Kendrick Lamar (31). His Song “All of the Stars” from “Black Panther”, a Mark Spears, Anthony Tiffith, and Solana Rowe have been involved, can be honored as “Best film song”. So far, only a few other rappers such as Eminem, Common or M. I. A. – it managed to be nominated in this category.

Other First-time Nominees are about as Best actress Olivia Colman (45) “The Favourite – intrigue and madness” and Yalitza Aparicio (25) for “Roma”; as Best actor Rami Malek (37) for “Bohemian Rhapsody”; “Best supporting actress” Regina King (48) for “Beale Street” and Marina de Tavira (44) for “Roma” and as “Best supporting actor” Adam Driver (35) for “BlacKkKlansman”, Sam Elliott (74), for “A Star Is Born” and Richard E. Grant (61) for “Can You Ever Forgive Me”. Director Spike Lee (61), however, is for the first Time in the category “Best Director” advisedly.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (32) can be happy about the two nominations. She goes in the category of “Best actress” Oscar in the category “Best film song” with the song “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born”. The latter award would share in the event of the triumph Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt.

Also, Lady Gaga is already the third actress, who is nominated for a lead role in a film version of “A Star Is Born” for an Oscar. Also Janet Gaynor (1906-1984) and Judy Garland (1922-1969) had once been for her Performances in the corresponding predecessors nominated. The only difference is that The figure is wearing at the Gaynor and Garland the name of Esther, Lady Gaga’s role is Ally.

Marc Gary

in 2019, there is an EGOT contender: film composer Marc Gary (59). He is nominated for “Mary Poppins’ return” in the categories “Best film music” and “Best film song”. He should take a prize home with you, he is one of the people who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award. This Triumph runs under the acronym EGOT and is regarded as a special career milestone. 2018 singer John Legend (40) was the first African-American man who has managed to do.

Melissa McCarthy

actress Melissa McCarthy (48) are awarded a slightly dubious honour. She’s nominated both for an Oscar as “Best actress” in “Can You Ever Forgive?”, as well as for a Razzie award as “Worst actress” in “The Happytime Murders” and the “Life of the Party”. In 2010, Sandra Bullock (54) took the Golden raspberry for “Crazy Steve” in person, and the next day the Oscar for “the Blind Side – The big Chance” bagged. McCarthy can win this year but the raspberries-Redeemer-prize for 2015.

This award, the Razzies price is not a negative, but for people who have already received Golden raspberries, but also to have real prizes home. The first prize winner in the year of 2015, Ben Affleck (46), which has been rehabilitated by the Director for “Argo” and his participation in “Gone Girl – The perfect victim” from the Film Flop “love with risk-Gigli” was. In addition to McCarthy for “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” are nominated in 2019 Peter Farrelly (“the Green Book – A special friendship”), Tyler Perry (“Vice – The second man”), the “Transformers”series for “Bumblebee” and Sony Pictures Animation for the “Spider-Man: A New Universe”.

The Golden raspberry is on the eve of the Oscar ceremony on March 23. February 2019, will be awarded. The Golden boy then on Sunday, the 24. February 2019, at the Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles presented.