Ariana Grande breaks up with her new Album numerous records

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a Great record for US singer Ariana Grande (25): As “billboard.com” reports, your new Album “thank u, next” is the most streamed Pop Album within a week in the United States. A total inconceivable 307 million On-Demand had been registered Streams. So it is with cross-Genre the most-streamed Album within a week of a woman. Of course, catapulted these Figures Grande with their newest work on the first place of the Billboard Charts.

on the day of publication, on 8. February, broke Grande the first record. After only five minutes, thank u, next lap, “” to the top of the iTunes Charts. Faster have succeeded in never someone. That their new record could be a breakthrough, hinted at previously, the Single “7 ring”, which set some records, such as in the case of Spotify.