Previously, a new car was new, if there was a different body, a stronger engine, maybe even better brakes or a new sunroof. Today, the need for a new car almost a small evening seminar to explain all the new Features. Or read this article here, at least, as far as the new Mercedes GLE.

Mercedes GLE: look and place

looks much smaller than he is. That’s what you think, if you circled the vehicle and on the driver’s seat. Man that is nice and thick, man! He works from the outside so slim and elegant. The new Design has put strength and the former M-class lightness. And in this Segment, probably the best air resistance value (cw) of 0.29.

+ of The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, San Antonio in 2018.© Mercedes-Benz

has also become, in fact, the Mercedes GLE is greater. At least in the interior. The eight inches more in the wheelbase will provide more convenience to create the front and the back, more storage space (825 and up 2055 litres), and who has a large family, recently, with a third-row seat seven passengers.

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Mercedes GLE: engines

the new season of the Mercedes GLE with two units. Once as a 300d 4matic with an output of 245 HP (7.2 seconds from 0 to 100, 6.4 litres combined fuel consumption, Euro 6d-Temp). On the diesel side, the 450 goes into the race, also with four-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic. He has a starter generator, power, in addition to the 367 HP of the combustion engine again 22 HP loose. This results in an extra torque of 250 Nm (500 brings the petrol engine) so the 450 boosts in 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100. When consumption it is due to the hybridization thus combined between 8.3 and 9.4 litres. A decent value given the mass of the SUV class.

+ of The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, San Antonio in 2018.© Mercedes-Benz

More than decent, the driving performance during the Test: gas and electric boosters to work together so smoothly that you will notice except for the extra turbo-like Kick nothing. The electrified gasoline engine is pulling strongly from below, the additional peak power is icing on the cake. The gasoline costs in the base version 72.649,50 euros, the Diesel from 65.807,00 Euro.

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Mercedes GLE: suspension with electric blade

there is at the moment only in the 450 Mercedes GLE, because only the features a 48-Volt power system on Board. This is necessary to be able to the new intelligent suspension that goes by the cumbersome name of E-Active-Body-Control, and in addition to the Airmatic (2.034 Euro) additional 7.735 Euro costs. At each of the four air-sprung shock absorber, an electric motor controls individually the spring and damper forces. Up to 10 inches! This provides for even more comfort, because the car is completely independent of the road conditions are not always perfect. What sometimes can look a little unnatural.

+ of The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, San Antonio in 2018.© Mercedes-Benz

Also, a bunch of the Body-Control of practical things: For example, the GLE reduces to the Loading and Unloading of up to four inches in the rear. Who is in the terrain, can determine the respective height of the four legs via the Display individually. What rides especially in the case of Oblique a real help you could be.

Or just the free scoop feature that is included in the off-road technology package (2,261 thousand euros in the GLE 450). As the level is raised and variously and lowered. What increases the pressure of the wheels on the floor is changed or reduced. The traction is so reinforced and so slowly, the Mercedes free dancing in the dunes or on the sandy beach.

And finally, it can be turned on with the landing gear and the “Curve”function. Thus, the SUV lays into the corners like a motorcycle driver. A Feature that is already in the S-class. Whether you need it? During the test drive, we tried it and found: it Is a bit like Hollywood-swing and just as necessary.

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MBUX – now, the passenger also join the conversation

can be upgraded to The intelligent, through language and Gesture-controlled on-Board system is in the GLE. Visually, and as standard it comes on two large screens in the Format 12.3 inches (31,2 cm), which are arranged in the wide-screen look next to each other. “Hey Mercedes” brought the Daimler-Alexa as in the A-class to life, and also the front passenger can now use commands such as “heated to” the GLE. IT pinpoints the source of the voice, and turns in fact, only the heated seats to the right.

+ of The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, San Antonio in 2018.© Mercedes-Benz

Similar is true for the gesture control. The Hand of the passenger is approaching on the ceiling light, so only the front passenger light is switched on. As if by magic, also the interior lights come on, if you are looking for, for example, in the footwell a little. Sensors detect the tactile Hand, the artificial intelligence combined it, without a doubt, that someone missed something and turns on the light. Also, the Display thinks with you: Approaching the Hand will be highlighted, individual elements such as, for example, the (digital) button for massage function. And here, too, the System will recognize (in this case, a ceiling camera), whether it is the Hand of the driver or front passenger.

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Our verdict on the Mercedes GLE

The MBUX is not to think from time to Time better, if all the passengers can mitschnabeln. The seven-seater, the technology would have to almost a babble of Babylon voice keep of magnitude apart.

driving assistant & HUD: Also here one has at Daimler. The Head-up Display, the projection of important vehicle data on the windshield, is in color, and a huge 45 x 15 inches measures the digital Run. For some, it is too big, too powerful and disrupts the view.

+ of The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, San Antonio in 2018.© Mercedes-Benz

Not large enough, the number of electronic assistants can be – according to this Motto, was also upgraded here. When the driving assistance package Plus (2,891 m Euro), there is now a traffic jam assistant, which takes up to a speed of 60 Driving. The downtime may take up to a Minute, and the car still drives independently.

Also new: The emergency corridor function, provide orientation Sensors, and a System of lane markings and surrounding vehicles. And last but not least, the GLE is now offering a followers assistant that will help inexperienced drivers when Maneuvering. It costs 416 euros, one needs, however, the Parking package with 360 degree camera for nearly 1,300 euros.


The new GLE, Mercedes has become a real battle ship, especially technically. A road cruiser with off-road genes, a luxury sedan with levels. You may be curious about what it has to offer, the real luxury Liner, the GLS-except even more space. And what are the Stuttgart and put everything on it, if only the new Maybach SUV will be rolled out also in the next year on the streets.

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Rudolf Bögel