Our neighbor is really exemplary!

Our neighbor reminds us of the necessary rest periods. Relating to: lawn mowing, car sucking, hedge cutting, when you open the patio door sucking and according to the sweep.

Our neighbor, but also has always time. I don’t know exactly what you are working on. She makes, I think, something Psychological with children. In any case, she is always at home and three times a week visit from pale parents with pale children. If your husband comes home late in the evening, the whole shopping. Sometimes I see him in the evening, through the window, as he cooks for the family.

When we moved here, state-of-the furniture van in the driveway and we were forced to Park short of the neighbor’s fence. After ten minutes, we had to stick a label on the vehicle, with: “This is not a Parking lot!” Other neighbors bring for the collection of bread and salt, our neighbor, writes a nasty note.


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

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Then my husband sucked in his car on Saturday morning and the 12-o’clock has exceeded the mark of five minutes. 12.05 PM the neighbor and complained. My husband has a healthy (actually, a over-sized) self-consciousness and replied, “What’s your Problem? Now have to take a NAP, or what?” Neighboring justified then, that he could not help it and his wife had sent him.

I don’t know really where I could hinschippen in the Winter the snow, because every Time in the evening, the neighbor complained, and the word rich does not explain why the snow hinkönnte just because.

she’s crazy!

As your kids are still small, the Old every second day with us in the front door and complained that we go too fast in the street. Because their children play there. I would leave my children in the age but not the only one to play in the street, but would be next to it sat like a guard dog. Because a two and a half years of not able to estimate the road – even in a road game – on! Our next door neighbor sees the apparently different, because the sent their boys with 27 months with his brothers and sisters to Play on the road. Have to watch the other.

in My opinion, this is actually laziness, but I’m here anyway, the bogeyman. We then have the speed from 40 to 30 and soon to 20 km/h is reduced. After much nagging we were at walking speed. 7 km/h. Our road is long.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Is’ really beautiful here! What is happening in Bavaria – even if you find it hard to believe This is so unfair!

What annoys me is that here with double standards. The children of the stupid neighbor are now also large, and hear with the window open either Techno or Heavy Metal. In a volume that the whole neighborhood has a bit of it! Would have made our children! The clever neighbor had been standing 15 seconds later, in front of the door!

Before that, we listened to five very long years, the Geflöte of child 1 and the Gegeige of child 2. Always with the window open! And we never said anything.

you Know, like the in place to shop? The rollert! Seriously! Not with a cool E-scooter! The scooter with children scooter! Through The Village! You know how it looks like?! As an adult woman, with a Jute sling bag? Ultra-Horny … Once he had to mitrollern. You have already seen from a distance, how embarrassing it is to him. I think she has forced him to do it. I suspect that my neighbor has cut off her husband 15 years ago, the eggs, and at home in a drawer kept. Not nice.

But Madame feels constantly disturbed.

At 50. For my husband’s birthday has brought you to 21.30 the police. Our Party was too loud. At the 18. Birthday of our daughter, we were laughing in the garden to, according to, against 21 p.m. – even as the police was there. Our daughter was in the same graduation Year as her great son. In the case of the award of the Abizeugnisse all high school graduates arrived to a specially selected song for the graduation ceremony and all the parents clapped emotionally with all the high school graduates! Was a super mood, and we parents were all very touched and taken. She sat in the back and strict. All the other parents are ashamed of debt. Most of all her husband.

Bavaria series “is the Lord’s home” The most Important thing in the cat education, to always remain consistent – so theoretically

Then the children of the neighbor were big and she shot back with 50 km/h in the road, because now everything is different! Only we now had cats! As I understand no fun. So I’ve been running several times over, and have requested to ride now but a little slower. But the stupid neighbor’s not-so-right, because it departs stubborn way, now more faster. That annoys me the most. We haven’t let the all the time of bothering, now it relates to you and the social neighbor has other Ideals.

My husband and I said: “If the move to here one of our cats, I finished! Seriously.”
My husband has appeasingly replied: “Now stay quiet.”
So he spoke to her again. But the super-social Eco-neighbor with the practical short hair cut see things only from their point of view. Which makes me the woman.

Claudia Herrmann, “Full-ungechillt! How I survived the adolescence of my children”, 282 pages, grove press, € 9.99, here, can be ordered

The poor man!

once in a while you shit your man in a volume that it gets the whole neighborhood. Sometimes we nod at him encouragingly. He smiles back then sad. Don’t think the husband of my neighbor is happy.

In the garden she has set up recently an abstract bird house. A short time later, the neighbor’s cat sitting beneath. Furiously, she placed directly on a fence with ropes and rods. The various cats in our area have observed the benevolent and then a collective laugh break. Now the cats sit alternately on the roof of the bird house (a matter Of principle. Because you can do it!) and the means show a claw to the neighbor. The keep nothing of knitting grumpy Eco-Chicks.

From time to time, I see her husband grinning cats is watching.