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the other day, I met a woman at a Festival, the men in thick, white cocks. And even, Yes, women in General, as a cunt slime. I asked myself: does the serious? Or I’m on Hidden camera?

Mona cinema, born in 1966, is an author, certified family counselor, and empathy trainer. In December 2016, and your last verfilmtes script “have-nots” based on the novel by Katharina Hacker. Currently, she writes a Blog about her empathy training and a script about domestic violence. She is a guest author of “10 to 8”. © Florian Hoffmeister

your way of talking irritated me, although you came along and funny, and I enter in their statements total tangible Motivation for a better society, quite parts. For me, not just the skewer, as a woman, now just turn around. What is the point of men in General, and to some extent as a compensation for the fact that you are providing for us women for centuries in the Church, kitchen, children, with such Reductions? And then the usually men assigned to the Part, to reduce the to your Genital – no, no, I thought, a tooth for a Tooth leads nowhere.

Through my work as an empathy trainer, I am interested in how we have relationships in conflict can improve. It is no use to fight it in the Same way. Or as Albert Einstein says: “problems can never be solved with the mindset that created it.”

So get out of the comfort zone of our thinking. When it comes to changing the ” How ” of our interaction – man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, we must consider whether those ways of thinking, the result at the time of the old Testament or in the Fifties, Sixties, seventies, in the respective society were the 2018 inventory. Which Thinking brings us closer to today, both as a society as well as men and women to each other again? At the moment, so to me, it seems, we remove ourselves from each other.

most people do not like to be outside of your comfort zone. The two percent that do, are usually the ones we admire for their courage to dare something New. In addition, one may argue now, that a lot of with the old and you could say: the way of loose thinking, okay well more to come – and in high places sit. True. But if we don’t start to think our life Together is new and different and would be full of, we each other no more an enemy than friend. On this precipice we to lawn. Conflicts can usually be solved if the parties Involved meet each other in Dignity.

but How can we change our way of thinking so that we mirrored not a known behavior to continue? That we do not reinforce Stereotypes?

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