Avril Lavigne has opted for a adult Nude photo as Album Cover


2019 celebrates Avril Lavigne (34, “Girlfriend”) her long-awaited Comeback with a new Album. Now the Release date is set for the record called “Heade Above Water”. 15. February 2019 can look forward to the Fans about new music from the singer. On Instagram posted Lavigne again all the Infos about the Album – including the Cover photo, met with all the enthusiasm.

the 34-Year-old is just with a guitar, which covers her most intimate Places, in the water and looks seriously into the camera. Some Fans find this photo amazing, and post comments such as “I love this Cover”, “Wow, you look so beautiful, Avril” or “beautiful photo”.

“I have this Cover may not”

Other can’t find the new Version of your idol, just tingly. In the comment column also phrases such as “I don’t like this Cover, to be honest” or “Oooh, here comes the read the sexy Version of Avril Lavigne, the hated the old Avril”. Others do not emphasize that you are not needed to take off her clothes, to promote new music: “need You naked to make advertising for your Album, you already have a great name.”

you had the death

2014 accepted Avril Lavigne withdrew because of the infection disease Lyme disease is becoming more and more of the Public. Five months at a stretch, the singer had to spend due to the disease, which is transmitted by a tick bite, in the hospital. For a long time, the Doctors disagreed on what the musician is suffering with the symptoms of fatigue and headache. In an open letter to her Fans, she told in September that the title track of the new album is created in the hospital bed.

“I had accepted death. It felt as if I’m drowning,” wrote the musician. In this Phase, you prayed a lot and wrote, in the arms of her mother, the first Single of their new album.