Actually, the year in review from YouTube to be a kind of thank you to the Community. This year, however, the video experienced platform with the Video-a belly landing cut.

The “Rewind 2018″Video has become the most unpopular post on YouTube. Since the release of the 6. December the Clip has already more than ten million Dislikes.

The eight-minute Video, among other things, actor Will Smith Fortnite, the Hype surrounding K-Pop, or “Ninja”, the Top Streamer of the computer game. The post go to the Community, because the real YouTube Stars, there were many Users criticize in the comments.

so Far, the Clip had to be Justin Bieber’s Song “Baby” from the year 2010 with 9.8 million Dislikes as least favourite YouTube Video. To dethrone “the”Baby”, was not necessarily our goal this year,” commented YouTube. You have learned how difficult it could be to produce content.