Taron Egerton puts himself as Robin Hood with half of England

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What have Spider-Man and Robin Hood have in common? Two, the dream factory seems to have regular and sometimes much to short intervals a cinematic makeover miss. However, while the shape of the curve in the Marvel heroes showed, thanks in part to Tom Holland as spider friendly next door clear to the top, you want to expose Otto Bathursts reinterpretation of the avenger of the disinherited most of all, deep in Sherwood Forest.

Everything else

As a young nobleman Robin of Locksley (Taron Egerton) has everything, according to him, thirsty and a little more. And even as tough as the beautiful Marian (Eve Hewson) falls for the lucky guy one day, literally out of the sky. But their love does not last, Robin is sent to Arabia in the Crusades. As he has served years in fierce battles, and his returns home, he realizes this.

The ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn) has expropriated the Lockleys and in conjunction with the equally corrupt Church, a reign of terror established. But even worse is the news that the love of his life is now with another man named Will Scarlet (Jamie Dornan) together weighs in for Robin. Long as he does not despair but, what he owes to his new companions, John (Jamie Foxx), whom he had met in the war. Making Robin not only the most secure, but brings him to a ground-breaking idea: stealing from The Rich to give to the poor…

begins to age Ate new film cans

The Film immediately with a solid lie: Voice-over is promised to the viewers an Oh-so-different adventure compared to the well-known hero’s journey from the noble Robin of Locksley, the avenger of the disinherited. A new coat of paint the story but gets only a visual or nuances. Little John is now a Muslim and is basically a Hybrid with Morgan Freeman’s Azeem from “Robin Hood – Prince of thieves”. Maid Marian to hire himself as a thief, and engaged to another man. And the title character became a Superman who could make Hawkeye from “the Avengers”Team unemployed. Poor Hawkeye.

The Problem: Each of the innovations seems forced and makes the “Robin Hood” is a worse Film. As a viewer you can almost feel how desperate for new facets in a narrative was looking for, the new facets that are not needed. And so Bathursts work looks at the end as if the Director himself did not know what would have made for a kind of Film he likes.

“Black Hood Down”

Why, for example, all of the characters have to run around as the costume designer Accidentally had placed the clothes of “The hunger games” and no one dared to this error? Why do Robin Hood as a God of the same Ninja defy the laws of gravity, and even be able arrows from the shortest distance in the “Matrix”style Dodge?

As a “Kingsman” Taron may Egerton best experience with überkandidelter Action. And that didn’t work, because the series takes itself too seriously. The new “Robin Hood” acts but mostly unintentionally funny and in many ways silly as Mel Brooks’ gloriously stupid “heroes in tights”. For example in the brutal opening sequence, which makes the crusade of a street battle as “Black Hawk Down” – and from a repeater, a machine-crossbow-gun.

Now this kind of can be attested to the modification that, if not in narrative, at least by the representation is trying to show New. A much greater problem is but be aware: When looking at the audience, it is clear, simply that hardly anyone seems to have on a king of thieves as a bombastic action hero waiting to pay in the United States. Especially since “Robin Hood” provides only for a “Robin Hood”-stripe new values – in other films, it has been Shown already to the point of exhaustion (and better implemented) to marvel at.

Good villain?

Make no mistake about it: To the now deceased Alan Rickman who portrayed the Sheriff of Nottingham in 1991, will probably never be able to re-approach someone. The wanted to cut out Robin Hood alias Kevin Costner in the heart with a spoon (“Because it’s blunt, you idiot – it hurts more!”). But it is also dull cinema entertainment can be quite a pain nice.

Ben Mendelsohn is doing his Best to make the character his own type of Diabolik. Unfortunately, he acts with his fascistic malevolence but as a poor imitation of his role in “Star Wars: Rogue One”. That he can do it far better than in these two examples, he demonstrated in “Animal Kingdom”.


The king of thieves really does not deserve. Into the Black of the strip by Otto Bathursts hits, but misses the entertainment destination slide completely. Basically, he’s not shooting his arrow in their General direction. Something Good is on the strip but wrest: The audience gets to feel like your own DVD collection to sift through and either “king of thieves”, “king of the vagabonds,” or disney’s sugar sweet cartoon Version of hotchpot. Or, at least, once Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” untwist. The – you know it’s true – always.