Pietro Lombardi was dedicated by lived terrible hours at the birth of his son

©imago/hard felser

The “American idol”veteran (1st place, 2011) and Neujuror Pietro Lombardi (26) after the issuance of the talent show on Tuesday, a own documentary. In “The Pietro Lombardi Story,” explained the singer, the most beautiful and the worst moments of his life. The latter he experienced the very clear at the birth of his son Alessio (3) on 19. June 2015.

“Alessio came lifeless into the world. No one knew what. I’m with him in this resuscitation room, and I didn’t know what happened. There’s another small child was completely blue. Five, six, Doctors have revived him. I asked, ‘What are you doing with my child?’ I was in a Trance,” he recalls in the documentary.

Doctors were unable to save the little guy. But the time after that was no walk in the Park, because the Baby was looked after for three months in the ICU. In this time, he and Sarah Lombardi (26) would not have known the mother of his son, that whether your child due to the dramatic birth of “brain damage or disability,” says Pietro. But this is all history, because that Alessio is now a healthy little Boy, from this, the proud parents make no secret of the fact. “The main thing is that Alessio is good”, since then, the Mantra of the two.

Pietro and Sarah first met as candidates of the eighth season of the casting show “Germany sucht den Superstar” (2011). They were a Couple and got married in March 2013. In the spring of 2015, Alessio came to the world. In October 2016, the dramatic separation. To your son, you take care of together.