The new factory of T. C. Boyle’s “The light”

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best-selling author T. C. Boyle (70) delighted his Fans at the Start of the year with a new novel: “The light” (Carl Hanser Verlag) will appear first in Germany before it is at the beginning of April in the US, Boyle’s home. The story revolves this Time around the group of Timothy Leary plays. The American psychologist and author, wanted to explore how mind-altering drugs such as LSD can be used for therapeutic purposes, was regarded as the Guru of the Hippie movement.

that’s what “The light”

Boyle makes in his novel, the scientific wizard, Fitz and his wife Joanie as the main characters occur. At the beginning of the 1960s, Fitz at Harvard, joins the inner circle around the famous psychologist Timothy Leary. In order to explore a possible therapeutic effect of LSD, he invites you to regular Sessions in his house, where he and his students take the drug was still legal. Fitz and Joanie are quickly fascinated by the effect of the drug and the new community of which you are a part of.

So follow Tim along with her Teenage son for two summers to Mexico, where the group continues their research, which degenerates more and more to parties and orgies. But not only from there, also from Harvard, Leary is distributed finally. Supported by rich patrons, he lands with his followers in the small Town of Millbrook, New York.

Fitz and his family, as well as about 30 other men, women and children live there, shielded from the outside world, in a house with 64 bedrooms. Alcohol, Joints, and Sex with changing partners and LSD Trips are to everyday life. In between, there are on the estate, sprawling parties with Celebrities.

Can you survive a marriage?

What all this does with Fitz, Joanie, your marriage and the family, describes in detail Boyle. The initial Idyll (“your love life was a dream of body and mind”) is more and more the struggle for Survival. The group is struggling with negative press and the police on the spot, the money is running out and also the inner circle is put to a hard test.

How does the group, as petty jealousies and possessiveness are high, in spite of all intentions, and the relationship of Fitz and Joanie? Discuss T. C. Boyle about on 4. February in Berlin, where the world’s first reading from his new novel takes place before he goes on tour.