When Evelyn Gundlach (87) and Ursula Cezanne (80) are in Berlin on the go, it can happen that school classes want to a Selfie.

The two make a Youtube channel “gamble seniors”. There, you belong to a Retired army, which is testing computer games. It is like cat videos one of the many things that belong to the Internet: to watch other people Play it. The Clips of the “seniors gamble”, you will find so many sweet and funny, that the channel now has 400,000 subscribers.

There Grand Theft Auto V,” “Minecraft” or “Fortnite is played, what the grandchild Generation is talking about: “”. The project has made the pensioners to small Stars, up to the Digital-award of the Golden camera. Complete strangers want press, tell them. There are autograph cards and T-Shirts. The Oldest “seniors gamble” is 90 years old.

Evelyn Gundlach and Ursula Cezanne are Friends. Do you know of a Opera-Casting, as komparsi, you can have experience with the spotlight. You are audible to the Berlin plant, type of Pensioner with a full calendar, a lot of on-the-go. For “seniors gamble” will get you an expense allowance.

The challenge in computer games: Like many of their Generation, the two have learned in the school only a little English, and not come so quickly. To look at the same time on the screen and control buttons – this is hard, but fun. “It’s like a drug,” says Cezanne.

“I play the love Mario Kart,” says Gundlach. Cezanne liked “Forza Horizon 4”. Since she was able to go so nicely with the car through the scenery and feel free. Only war and ball games they don’t like. “With something you don’t play,” says Gundlach. Because it was not radical. Cezanne told, you have in the air-RAID shelter sat and a lot of anxiety. But the wool you overcome, and these games test, so that the young people listen to your opinion.

The producers are Joschka and Sebastjan, two media professionals who want to stay as a filmmaker behind the Scenes. The games for “seniors” buy gamble you says Sebastjan. 120 Videos have you filmed already. The channel is the creators, thanks to advertising and is funded by other projects. In the USA there is a similar channel is longer (the”Elders React”).

Evelyn Gundlach gets the shooting brought a hot water bottle, in order to warm the feet. Today, in the Studio, which is set up in a Berlin apartment, “Red Dead Redemption 2”. Read, Ursula, Cezanne is the first challenge. She sits with headphones and operation in front of a green wall. Joschka explains the game: “Uschi is in the Wild West.”

As a Western hero Arthur Uschi moves with the Carriage through the forest and lands promptly in the undergrowth. She needs a couple of attempts before she made it in the Western Saloon. Your cheeks glow. “I’m so tired.” She found the game difficult, but it’s nice that you liked the landscape. Shot you prefer.

As Ursula Cezanne then plays with her girlfriend together on a different game, a wars the two. The device, with the milking with the cows or shaving, buzzing in the Hand. “This is an old people’s home-Vibrator!” Large Cackle. If the two go home together, they tell a lot. Whether there should be videogames in old people’s homes? Necessarily, find. “That’s exactly it!”

Actually does in terms of computers and modern technology in the age just several. In the North of Germany, there was already a model project in nursing homes, with Play to keep fit for the Elderly. The results of the Hamburg project with the “Memorebox” had been promising, according to the health insurance company Barmer. “It is now to be used in about 100 other care facilities.” At the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf will can help you investigate whether a special postman game at a preliminary stage of dementia.

The old scientist Prof Adelheid Kuhlmey of the Charité hospital in Berlin refers to the good experience, the patients with dementia and the use of Tablets. This can help as a photo albums in the common Remember or give a sense of security, if the daughter on a world trip and with the demented mother via a Video Switch can talk.

the computer can adjust the games in the difficulty level of the sick people. So frustration is avoided. Physicians can assess with the data in the course of the memory loss. Also in Healthy it is, according to the Kuhlmey important to stay in Training: “The brain is like a muscle you can train.” Technology should not exclude old people. “It is important that the era in which it has developed specifically for Old something is over.” There is also no refrigerators for seniors.

Evelyn Gundlach does not like to play only computer in the Studio, she also plays on her own Tablet, Rummy or Solitaire. She has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, who were very proud of. But what people find funny, others watch on the Internet during the Games, your mystery: “What’s so funny?” In your family, the 87-Year-old is the Only one with a passion for computer games. “I’m glad, that I can do that. I don’t want to miss it.”