Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has urged a rapid Development of faster digital networks in the rural regions. “Too many places are still in the funk hole,” said the head of state at the agricultural fair Green week in Berlin.

To an equivalent living conditions belong to today, but a quick Internet wherever people live and work. “No one came in to a few people in a village on the idea of electricity or water shut off.” The economy, counties, municipalities, and the Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) called for a truly area-wide supply with the fast mobile radio standard 5G.

Steinmeier called the in the spring of the upcoming 5G-licensing is a key strategic position. It is important to ensure that the rural areas will not be suspended further technical developments. Insufficient coverage of the mobile network will laments for far too long.

Klöckner called it confusing, when 5G-Expansion, keeping only the supply of the house to take in the view. Will need this in the area, for example, for more precise Fertilizing with digital technology. Network operators should not unsubscribe, competition disputes on the backs of the rural population, she said.

Controversial, among other things, the requirement that companies to open networks in sparsely populated regions, also for their competitors. The industry warns that this does not lead to less expansion of the grid, because he is worth so for the operator. Crafts President Hans Peter Woll zeal, called for “powerful Internet” to to any work bench. The President of the German chamber of industry and Commerce day (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer, also urged for the experts-extraction of attractive living conditions. Many world market leaders have their headquarters in rural areas.

The President stressed that only there, where people can find work and provide for your family could’ve been living in the country a Chance against the demographic change. The task of politics is to solve concrete problems on the ground, such as in health care or transport links. “So no one feels left behind, may depend our country plain and simple nobody.” For the state of volunteering should be no excuse to say good-bye slowly. “Good infrastructure is more than General interest. You will not disappear precautionary.”

Steinmeier called on to take next to Ensure the opportunities in the country. “It is high time to back the perception in some minds downright: the people of The country are not suspended minority.” There are many creative minds and initiatives. But not every difference between the city and the country will be razed to the ground. Steinmeier had visited in the past year, some of the rural regions. 57 percent of people living in Germany according to the Federal Ministry of agriculture, outside the larger cities.