Whether drunk love confessions, accidentally to the wrong Chat Partner sent impolite or too early losgeschickte designs: lots of good reasons to want a Whatsapp message, even when To delete. Since some months, is possible. The Problem is that You have to do it within one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds after sending. What is behind the strange time frames, you can find here. But fortunately, you do not need to keep in mind. We will tell, how it goes much later.

The Trick is actually quite simple: to check whether the deadline is within the hour, is similar to Whatsapp simply the transmission time of the message with the system time. And so you can trick you easily.

New Feature

Whatsapp Sent messages to delete – how it works

the deletes Rick

works for This, you have to remember first of all only to be sent to the time at which the message was, in case of doubt, inclusive of the day. Next, you send the phone in airplane mode. Now you need to turn off in the settings, the automatic time and instead enter a date that is less than an hour after Sending the message.

now you can Open Whatsapp, press and hold the message and select “delete”, the garbage bin and “delete all”. Finally, you only need to turn on the automatic time, and the flight mode is stop and the message is gone.

As Deletion within the time limit is displayed instead of the message only: “This message has been deleted.” A Notification was still on the lock screen, it disappears. As long as you Wake up so early, the drunken love confessions nearly without residues to remove.

Minor limitations

Some minor limitations, however, there. Of course, the Trick is use just a little, if it has read the message already. In addition, all parties Involved also need to the Whatsapp Version you are using supports the feature at all. In the case of a group chat must have really installed every single a younger Version. A further exception is: Was quoted the message in the Chat already, is preserved in the quote, even if the message itself was deleted.

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How long the Trick will work, is not currently in sight. A solution should be complex, there could be the gap but still quite a while. Whatsapp but is a simple way to fix the obvious errors, is likely to be quickly closing the loophole. But then, there’s still an hour more than before the introduction of the feature.

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find find Sent to the left again, in the case of Whatsapp very quickly. Select the appropriate Chat and tap the top of the contact or group info. Under the tab “media, Links and Docs” to find all images, Videos, Links, and documents that were sent to this unit via Chat.

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