Sony is not giving up its Smartphone business, despite a significantly lower sales figures.

“We will remain in the Smartphone market,” said the head of the mobile division of the group, Mitsuya Kishida, the dpa at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “But we need to offer something very Unique.”

In Barcelona, Sony unveiled, among other things, the new flagship model Xperia 1, the customer will attract with advanced video features that build on the professional technology of the Hollywood Studios of the group, for example, in the case of the color reproduction. “We are the only ones who can do that.” And this is only the beginning of the differentiation. Sony wanted to put more on his experience in the Entertainment business with Film, television and music.

The upcoming super-fast 5G wireless offer with a view to this thickness in the case of Multimedia content, a lot of opportunities for Sony, showed Kishida convinced. “Sony is an Entertainment company.” You can build, for example, in the case of recording and Transmission of Video. Also bundle deals with the group’s own content. Overall, it could take until the 5G-attack effect.

Sony came in the final quarter of 2018, only 1.8 million sold Smartphones. For comparison: The market leader Samsung, it was the 70 million. Sony is now for the entire until the end of March current year, only 6.5 million Smartphones sold. In the fiscal year before that, the group was able to get rid of 13.5 million phones. In the process, apply in the Smartphone business and high quantities of important to, among other things, to lower access to components to get. People tended to pay attention too much on sales figures, by contrast, held Kishida. More important, however, what value you offer to the customer.