Emma Thompson is involved in the #MeToo-debate

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The two-time Oscar-winner Emma Thompson (59, “Bridget Jones’ Baby”) has cancelled her speaking role in the animated film “Luck”. The reason for this is the new head of the animation division of the production company Skydance: Director, screenwriter, producer and two-time Oscar winner John Lasseter (62, “Toy Story,” “Cars”, “Coco”, etc.). Why, said the Briton in a letter to the Management of the production company, which was published by the “Los Angeles Times” now.

Five questions to the Management

in it the actress five questions, including these: “If a man for decades, women are touched inappropriately, why a woman should want to work for him, if the only reason why he doesn’t touch you now, is inappropriate, is that in his contract is that he must ‘behave professionally’?”

It was much talked about, to give John Lasseter a “second Chance,” Thompson continued: “If John Lasseter would start his own company, then each employee would have had the opportunity to decide whether he wants to give him a second Chance or not. But all the Skydance-employees who want to give him a second Chance, you need to stay and feel unwell, or lose your Job. Should it not be John Lasseter, the needs to lose HIS Job, if the employees want to give him a second Chance?”

“To protect the Generation of my daughter”

Finally, Thompson writes, how much you regret it, not with the Italian Director Alessandro Carloni (41) for the animation film work together, you love and appreciate him very much. But “for the protection of the Generation of my daughter”, it was “necessary” that people have expressed as you yourself already to the grievances, would take such an attitude, things changed. “But I’m very well aware that the century will not change for a long claim on the body of the women […] the night. Or in a year.”

In the Wake of the #MeToo-the debate about sexual harassment in Hollywood in the fall of 2017 also allegations against Lasseter. As a result, he left his role as artistic Director at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, initially for six months to rest. In June 2018, the Disney group announced the separation. In January 2019, it was announced that Lasseter is the new head of the animation division of the production company, Skydance.