The conflict between Huawei and the USA in the next round. In August, the US ban on government authorities with reference to security concerns, the cooperation with Huawei. Now, the group complains about it. For the group it comes to much more than just a few authorities-orders.

The lawsuit was filed in the district court of Plano, Texas. It was directed against a section of this year’s defense report, NDAA. Prohibiting the purchase of Huawei equipment, as well as the cooperation with companies, the Hardware, or services of the Chinese group. According to Huawei, this rule is unconstitutional because it restricts the group without a legal Basis as a single company.

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Huawei founder: “the US cannot destroy us”

dpa Huawei want is the US market

For the Chinese group much to the game. The USA remains one of the largest mobile markets in the world. And Huawei, the group fights for global market share, with Apple in second place behind Samsung gets a foot on the ground. The simple reason for this: In the U.S., 90 percent of all Smartphones to be sold via the mobile radio provider. And to deny out of fear of the government, the business with the Chinese, Huawei.

According to the United States, the Blockade of Huawei security concerns. The line of argument is that Chinese companies are dependent on a close proximity to the government, could put, therefore, on the orders of Beijing back doors in software and Hardware. Also, the European partners will be put under pressure: you should avoid such as the USA, the Development of the key 5G network on Huawei technology. The Smartphone giant actually comes from the network business, in addition to Nokia and Ericson one of the most important companies of the area. The fear: Huawei could turn off install at the behest of the Chinese government, a kind of switch that would allow, in a conflict the whole of the network.

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Mate X: With this Smartphone Huawei Samsung hunts in front of it

On Wednesday, Samsung introduced its first Smartphone to the fold. Only four days later, Huawei sets and drives the competitors with his Mate X multiple times. But there is also a pretty big hook.

By Malte Mansholt “smear campaign of the U.S.”

Huawei rejects the accusations. “Huawei is not part of the Chinese government, is controlled by, or influenced,” said Song Liuping, head of the legal Department, on Thursday at a press conference in Shenzen. “We have never been asked by a government – also from the Chinese–, a backdoor. And such a request would not comply. That would be business suicide.” Huawei rotating CEO Guo Ping sees the accusations as baseless: “The USA has been pursuing a smear campaign without evidence.” The group was ready, the safety concerns together with the safety authorities, through maximum transparency to vacate set aside. “We are proud to have the most open, most transparent – and most proven – to-be company in the world,” said John Suffolk, Huawei’s head of security and privacy.

Actually, the U.S. authorities remain in place, yet evidence for their allegations guilty. This is also just what Huawei is likely to aim to suit: If the US government would have to admit in court that you can prove to the group there is no specific Offense, it would come to a acquittal of the Huawei. At least in the public perception. As a way into the U.S. market, the action is good, however, hardly. A similar action brought by the Russian anti-virus experts Kaspersky was failed last year. And even after a successful process, the US should Provider hardly for Huawei open. As around the beginning of 2018, a Deal with the Provider AT&T burst, were never officially the US allegations as a reason for the Failure is called, the influence was in the Background.

Nevertheless, you can expect Huawei to the action a lot. Especially in his 5G-efforts with the European countries, Huawei is expected to stand after that, much better. The United States should remain the evidence guilty, is likely to be for you then clearly more difficult for the other partners of a cooperation with the group. The United States should provide actual solid evidence, would have the Huawei but a solid issue.

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