Germany is considered the cradle of the magnetic levitation, but here the Transrapid was never about the attempt. In China was presented the third Generation of a magnetic levitation train.

The development of the technology is increasing in China, however, is a different direction than previously predicted. The levitation are no longer cars on Top speeds aligned, the high-speed trains in China to all on rails.

In Japan, have unveiled plans for a Maglev train with a maximum speed of about 500 km/h, the levitation trains in China transportation are provided for low and medium speeds in the regional people.

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1000 km/h – China’s new trains are faster than an airplane

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not on the high Tempo that makes a System possible, but on acceleration, agility, and low noise in the driving operation. At reduced speed the train should not be louder than a vacuum cleaner. Since the track only needs to have a route on stilts, is it possible to install them later in the urban area. The existing traffic routes will be built over.

For use in the urban areas Version 3.0 reached an extremely high climbing ability: In just 100 meters of track length, the train should be able to climb four floors. This is a huge value that you will not exhaust in the passenger operation. However, in the magnetic path could dive vehicles over a very short distance from the stilts operation in a subway tunnel.

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Total Surveillance – China wants the notes to all its citizens distribute

Gernot Kramper

Combined with low curve radii, the System is suitable for use in inner cities. The typical noise and vibrations of rail vehicles in narrow radii are becoming a nuisance for the local residents. “Compared to the city tracks volume slopes, strong performance on steep and fast bending functions the unique advantages of the magnetic levitation transport. You can cope with the environmental impact through a strong railway transport in cities, and the cost of construction and life cycle maintenance to reduce,” says Zhuang Shangbiao, of the China Railway Society.

Built and we developed the train of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotives co. Ltd.. it belongs to the China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, the production volume of the world’s largest manufacturer of rail vehicles.

The third Generation will reach a speed of 200 km/h, 40 km/h more than the models of the second Generation. The Version 1.0 is traveling for two years, a route in the capital of the province of Hunan. The Version 3.0 is also able to autonomously travel, a train conductor is not provided, unlike the case with its predecessors.

The technology of the web is made of up to 90 percent in China. Beijing is not only investing in new routes. The declared aim is to develop new Standards in rail transport and on the international stage. Standards, which defines the Chinese industry.

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in Germany, the magnetic levitation system is dead. After China has established the largest network for high-speed Railways, should now be followed by a super-fast magnetic train.

Gernot Kramper