Avril Lavigne responds with new music

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for Five years, singer Avril Lavigne (34) was completely removed from the picture. Then she released in September of 2018, surprisingly, their Single “Head Above Water”. In the emotional ballad, the canadian from a complete other side showed, the punky young girl stormed with Hits like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” at the beginning of the 2000s, the Charts, has become a grown woman.

On today’s 15. February now published their long-awaited sixth Studio album, which bears the same title as the Single “Head Above Water”. In twelve emotional Songs Lavigne processed their severe Lyme disease, which she tied up two years in bed, and even with the death of confronted. In a long Statement on their Homepage Lavigne said after the release of their Single in September to the disease.

“I had accepted the death”

“I had accepted death. It felt as if I’m drowning,” writes the musician and exactly this feeling is also reflected in the lyrics of “Head Above Water” again. You have turned to God and prayed a lot. Only after a long period in hospital and a lot of peace Lavigne was slowly on the mend. Nevertheless, the disease has left its mark. In an Interview with the “mirror” tells you to get up, how much you appreciate now the little things in life: “For example, in the morning, to go to the kitchen and grab me a Cup of coffee”.

only the long-term illness is not Yet on the new Album, their place, the failed marriage to Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger (44, “Hero”), which ended in the year 2015, has been a Lavigne. Nevertheless, the two musicians went as friends apart, Kroeger was even part of the team that wrote the Song “Warrior” that is found on the plate, and was also involved in the Songwriting of the other songs.

Particularly touching: During her severe illness, her Ex-husband didn’t leave her side. In an Interview with “Billboard”magazine, she told the end of 2018, that Kroeger was even that motivates you and supports got find back, back to the music. “Without him, I couldn’t have done it,” says the singer.

duet with rapper Nicki Minaj

Four days before the release of the album, Lavigne surprised with a special collaboration. They will be published together with rapper Nicki Minaj (36, “Anaconda”) to the Song “Dumb Blonde”, is also on the Album space. The unusual duet, surprising the Fans, it is reminiscent musically, but very similar to the cut of lavigne’s Hit “Girlfriend” from the year 2007. And also the content of the piece, which deals with a woman who does not want to be underestimated by men because of their appearance, separate from the other, Hits from more emotional.

On Twitter and Instagram both make Lavigne as well as Minaj clearly that you have long been big Fans of each other. For Lavigne, the collaboration was a “dream that actually was” and Minaj sang, apparently, many years ago, all of the Lyrics to “I’m with you” in the shower. Even if Minaj appears only briefly at the end of the fast pop songs, gives the song the Album a pleasant Freshness.

Meanwhile, Lavigne has the incurable disease in the handle, feels according to their own statements much better. A Tour for the new Album is not currently planned, the Fans would be thrilled, surely, to see the grown-up and in-depth artist live on stage performing.