If you only lived in a small One-room apartment, the whole life in a room. One uses a conventional room divider, it creates several spheres – but at the price that the new rooms are extremely small. Scientists at the Media Lab from the Massachusett Institute of Technology have pondered over this question and with Ori, a solution is presented that saves space and several living spaces in a room possible.

Smart furniture: The robot-Cabinet of Ori creates space in small apartments Fullscreen

Ori promises a flexible use of the living space.

©Ori fully automated room divider of Ori

The robot-furniture Ori transforms the residential landscape. It is a mixture between combo furniture change and a mobile room divider. The principle is quite simple: In the design of the living room, there is not a fixed wall. The room divider can move. During the day the bedroom is not used. The Ori built-in bed folds up automatically, and the System rolls to the side, the bedroom practically disappears. Accordingly, more of the living or working area is enlarged. Such Attempts, there were already more often, however, Ori offers more high-tech than older models. Where you had to work earlier on Levers and valves, is now all alone.

Life Hack

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The automated System consists of a bed, a workplace, a storage space, a wardrobe and a shelf – the Queen-Version is also supplied with a Couch. The System requires, of course, electricity. The furniture can be controlled by a switch on the side of the device, an App, or via voice commands with Alexa. The Ori System is easy enough that it can be moved in the event of a power failure manually. The Whole thing is housed in an L-shaped Ensemble. It moves on wheels and is held in place by the flooring installed rails on a railway.

Dynamic use of the expensive residential area

The Ori-designers say their guiding principle is that housing, particularly in high-density urban centers around the world, to expensive to be static. Furniture such as Ori create “dynamic environments that appear and feel as if they were much larger”.

rental madness in London

In this nasty House, each square meter costs 100 Euro

the First models were introduced in 2014 on the exhibition city home. After a practice Test in Airbnb apartments, series production began, the robotic furniture system will be installed in a residential area in Manhattan, actually. Ori is ultimately just a complex piece of furniture that will be installed in an existing space. Basically, the idea of flexible furniture and walls is impressive would be if you’d already taken into account in the construction of apartments.

the Only drawback is the price: Ori is in Canada and the USA, and costs $ 10,000. In the case of growing demand, the manufacturers are expecting prices to fall.

Mobile Living

The Goose – very nice size for Tiny House

Two floors and over ten meters long: The Goose, the flagship mobile small houses is and should be on every street. This is made possible by a special trailer.