Sharon Osbourne is not good to speak to Simon Cowell


Sharon Osbourne (66) is part of the “The X Factor”Jury, have to do according to the wife of the Prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne (70), with a simple reason: the Show’s founder (and Patriarch) Simon Cowell (59) have described it as too old for the Part, and unceremoniously kicked out. This is the 66-Year-old and revealed in her TV Show “The Talk” is also Cowell’s alleged words, “writes Page Six.”

“she is old. We need someone younger”, to have been one of Cowell’s dreaded analysis, this Time in reference to his colleague. After that, you was going on your Jury-court, as well, although you had to this time, supposed to still be a valid contract, and actually already on the way to the UK. You should have compared to the 59-Year-old replied: “If you have someone younger to her, then kick her out.”

In the latest season of Robbie Williams, Ayda Field, and Louis Tomlinson sitting, therefore, on the side of Cowell and evaluate the singing talents. Osbourne was in seasons 1-4, 10, 13 and 14 in the Jury.