Silently, the Swiss mountain train glides over the rails, across a Chinese fantasy land. The journey begins between Paris, magnificent buildings, past the sleepy streets of Freiburg, Burgundy and Oxford. On a hillside, Heidelberg flaunts the castle. But behind the balcony doors of Verona, Juliet waits for her Romeo. The time-consuming and with the finest materials recreated walls from twelve European cities, hide, offices, and research facilities.

The Campus of the Chinese technology group Huawei is to be understood as a tribute to the wisdom of the Europeans, centuries, full of successes and their failures, the company said. The relationship with the West is anything but straightforward. Espionage-fears of the United States to overshadow the Development of the 5G network in Europe. On the other hand, Huawei has to replace a large goal: to Samsung as the largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world.


Behind the facades of the old town of Heidelberg Huawei’s research facilities and offices

©Malte Mans hide brings


Richard Yu

Huawei’s Smartphone chief, in an Interview: “Our products are safer”

By Malte Mans neon flood and green brings gardens

the starting point of this Revolution is Shenzhen. Here, Huawei has its headquarters. As far as the eye can see, the high-rise buildings with 40 floors and more screws in the sky. 200-metre high façades up and roll LED advertising appears China’s technology-metropolis of neon light. Estimated 23 million inhabitants flock through the streets of this futuristic city, the electronics markets in flea market-like atmosphere printed circuit boards and micro chips the same bags way to buy. The city is China’s digital economic miracle. And Huawei is in the middle of it.

The lush greenery of Huawei’s old headquarters stand in direct contrast to the hustle and Bustle of the high-rise metropolis. Flat, chic buildings with simple facades extend over several city Blocks, surrounded by manicured lawns, trees and flower beds. Some parts of the plant are reminiscent of Spa Hotels, others would also go as a University Campus in Europe or Silicon Valley. The Maybachs, the Parking at the street edge would not be there.


Huawei’s Campus could be in Europe,

©Malte Mans lie Holt was Born in the East, the view to the West

The balancing act between Western influence and Chinese roots runs through the whole company. Many of the large open-plan offices could come with your plants, the posters and the figurines next to the screen also from Western commercial complex. Only the box beds in between, and you can imagine that here until the fall plowed. In the canteens of the simple employees sleeping benches on the Plastic. Where the Chefs in the Restaurant-ambience, food, is no one. Here is a ladies group with traditional Chinese string instruments, between the marble columns for the appropriate atmosphere. On the Campus of the Chinese food court and KFC are next to each other-branch directly.

In Germany, launched Huawei as a classic of China-junk. In 2011, the Discounter Lidl sold in this country, the first Smartphone. These roots has left the company within a few years, far behind. Huawei has worked hard to become one of the leading manufacturer of Premium Smartphones. And looked always to the West. “In China, there were no role models,” says Richard Yu, chief of the consumer and business for Smartphones responsible. “Samsung and Apple led the sector. We had to learn how to develop good quality Software, support and Hardware. How to build a camera, and so on.” The group invests a lot of in 80,000 of the 180,000 worldwide, Huawei’s employees work in research and development.

+++ Here you can find the full Interview with Richard Yu +++

In a nondescript complex about the future of batteries will be developed. Because of the breakthroughs in the term, focus Huawei on fast charging techniques. It is, above all, the resulting heat will again dissipate, explained a technician. In white coats, to measure, and discuss between humming machines, mysterious glass boxes and flashing tinkering measurement devices Huawei researchers to the correct implementation. A result of the work of such a small circuit Board, the heat at the push of a button by means of current processors, but also can cool down. The Chips always deliver the best performance.


Smartphones such as the Huawei Mate X Apple put under pressure to act

©Andrey Sokolov/ Picture Alliance Against the Trend

For years, Huawei is catching up mercilessly. Alone, 2018, the company increased nearly 20 percent in sales. The most important growth drivers are Smartphones, in which Huawei was able to grow in the last year, 34.5 percent – while the market went up an average of 5 percent down. The leader Samsung sold on the year with just under 300 million Smartphones, while nearly 1.5 times as many as Huawei, the distance has shrunk in the last quarter, but at only 10 million units sold. With a little luck, the Chinese could still make this year the jump to the top.

especially for Smartphones that are so important cameras, Huawei is the market is often a step ahead. Just the group at P30 Per has presented (Here with us in the Test) as the first point-and-Shoot, which allows, thanks to a Smartphone-lying periscope system of totally new images. The System consists of five consecutively-placed lenses, then by Mirroring the image to the Sensor, allows loss-free photos with a 10-fold Zoom, the digital zoom will zoom in objects with up to 50-times magnification. Something Apple and Samsung have to offer. Also the recent Trend of foldable Smartphones, Huawei has been presented with the Mate X of one of the most promising models.

Huawei P30 Per: So strong Zoom and night vision Fullscreen

With up to ten times the loss-free Hybrid-Zoom when Huawei P30 completely new photos

©Malte Mansholt

New top smartphone

Huawei P30 Per in the Test: Now the best camera phone of the year?

By Malte Mansholt robot in the Terrarium

the phones are Produced on a 120-Meter-long Production line. Here is a blank Board develops slowly to a Smartphone, know that at the end of sale ready to be welded in a simple, brown cardboard box will be stacked. Along the way, they will be peppered with Transistors and micro chips that the machines of a sort of film role. It is a bit curved tempered Glass, such as the stages of a tadpole on the way to the frog to watch. Only with the addition of the display on half-way, a Smartphone is slowly becoming recognizable.

dozens of white boxes humming quietly to himself. Like in terraria you can watch the Goings-on Inside through the glass panes. Robotic arms grab in the steady rhythm of individual parts and place them carefully on the running boards. Suddenly, a child breaks the monotonous noise of a voice. In Chinese, a knee-high robot, the Tablets of a production line for the next ride scolds want to – apparently someone is in the way. Only when space is made, he continues musikdudelnd his way.


the Assembly lines only a few people

©Wang Zhao, AFP, improvise, work the end of heroes

people you can see here. Most of the 17 Assembly line workers are at the end of the long row of white boxes. Checking the quality and functionality of the finished devices. In a sound-proof cabin of a lonely investigator sitting and throughout the day of the test calls. At the end of the day, 2400 Smartphones leave each of the ten production lines. Eight to ten hours the per layer, explains a staff member, with two layers, you would keep the machines 24 hours a day. Because some hours are missing then? Such questions will not be answered.

On the walls are pictures of well dressed-up employees hang out, the heroes of the factory. Each of them has a clever solution for a small Problem to think of. At one point in the tape, the devices had to be set back about two meters to the next Station. Now you slide in a sled an improvised-looking roll band. On a tied cord, the carriage draws the other back, the slight slope to the top. Also between high-tech robots, a piece is enough sometimes twine and ingenuity.


In Shenzhen Huawei is already testing its 5G masts.

©Malte Mansholt The origin of the Problem

In Europe and the U.S. Huawei has to experience just that, the Chinese heritage is to the Problem. The group was much too close to the Chinese state, so the accusation. Founder Ren Zhengfei was in front of Huawei in the people’s army, his company could be in the order of the Chinese government’s data and network sabotage, fears the U.S. government. The endangered important business: Huawei was included in the planning of all German providers for the 5G-Expansion as a supplier. Because of espionage concerns the participation in Telekom, and Telefónica is currently under consideration.

Much more painful should be the fact, that Huawei gets in the United States no foot on the ground. There are still sold 90 percent of the Smartphones in the case of providers, none of them works with Huawei. A Deal with the major providers, AT&T burst last year in the short term. “It was banned by the US government. You have prevented the business,” Richard Yu for sure. The lack of sales in the U.S. are likely to be the biggest brake on Huawei Overtaking the Smartphone market. to invalidate

Huawei Hacker

The allegations, Huawei is difficult. “You can’t prove that there is something,” says Joe Kelly, Vice President of corporate communications in the conversation. In offices in Seventy-years-Yellow-a group of employees tried it anyway. Between a jungle of houseplants, the employees attack Huawei Smartphones. The hacker team of the group knocking all of the group’s products, constant security breaches. What are found, a rating of their dangerousness, then they are added to the solution to the relevant departments.

The security Department is independent from the main group. Some parts of the complex are closed, even for Huawei employees. Security head John Suffolk will report directly to the chief, he can stop at stark gaps in the sales of products. So far, this was not according to the group. You can’t prove that there is something.