singer and guitarist Farin Urlaub during a concert from The Doctors

©imago/two comrades

they call themselves “The best Band in the world” and doubt belong to the forefathers of the English punks. But all of this is over soon? On their official Homepage bademeister.com The Doctors (“cry for love announced”) from Berlin, and now, perhaps, their final farewell. At least, this interpret a variety of media and also a lot of Fans in a Quiz that is currently visible on the home page. There you should guess a word with eight letters, with only the first letter is free.

Is there a A as to the alleged farewell, you will hear a 50-second-long anthem of Bela B (56), Farin Urlaub (55), and Rodrigo González (50). In it, you sing in the familiar Doctors style with noticeable amount of irony, among other things: “Sometimes it’s just time to go. We have brightly lit up, and a lot of what we did. You will remember for a long time to us. You have to be strong now: Here, take my Hand.”

But whether it really is the approaching dissolution of the Band, remains to be seen. After all, your great Europe starts only in may tour is completely sold out and the Band, among other things, to Warsaw, Prague, Milan, Amsterdam and London. In Germany, only two Festival appearances at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are planned for the summer yet. Also, you play two Open-Airs in Austria and Switzerland. It’s hard to believe that The Doctors will not say goodbye with a huge farewell tour through the big halls or stadiums of Germany of their Fans…