Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez, creating a scandalous moments at the Grammys

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The 61. Ceremony of the Grammys is nearing, and this year, many musical greats and Hollywood will again fall short of the Stars on the red carpet, when on 10. February will be awarded the prizes. Since the beginning of the event in the year 1959, there were always scandals, and bizarre moments that are stuck in my mind. In addition to the oblique Outfits, Kanye West (41), in his role as Kanye West or the Playback scandal of 1990 – the Grammys every year to make headlines around the world.

The biggest scandal: Milli Vanilli

In 1990, was awarded the Duo Milli Vanilli in the category “Best Newcomer” for the Disco Hit “Girl You Know It’s True” with Grammy. However, a few months after the ceremony it came to the big Bang. The Duo had its Hits only Playback singing, the voices were actually written by other singers. Fab Morvan (52) and Rob Pilatus (1965 – 1998) will be withdrawn in November 1990, the Grammy, you lose your record contract and a court speaks to the buyers of the CDs compensation. The career of the Duo went downhill. While Morvan until today through various TV Shows such as “I’m a celebrity-Get me out of here!”, dies Pilate, already in 1998 of a drug Overdose.

cock attack between Rihanna and Chris Brown

in 2009, there was a terrible incident. At a Pre-Grammy Party, it came to fisticuffs between Rihanna (30, “Umbrella”) and her then-boyfriend Chris Brown (29). He struck several times and the singer of them wore bruises, a bloody lip and a swollen face. Later, the Paparazzi held on to the injured singer on photos, the pictures went around the world. The beatings-attack that led to both their participation in the Grammys, cancelled the appointment, Rihanna split from Brown. The was convicted of injury to five years probation. Incredible: Three years after the attack the Couple for a few months was again.

And again and again Kanye West

He always provides for scandals and is unaware of any wrongdoing: Rapper Kanye West (41). For years, a bitter dispute between him and Taylor Swift (29) raging. In 2009, West stormed the MTV Video Music Awards to the stage during swift’s acceptance speech and claimed Beyonce (37) would have deserved the prize much more. Swift used against the favor of the hour at the Grammys in 2016 and made it into an encrypted message of your speech clearly, that there will always be people who would try to benefit from the fame of their own. A clear side-swipe at arch-Nemesis Kanye West.

A year earlier the West had a strange Moment at the Grammys. As Beck (48) wanted to accept his prize for best Album of the year, stormed West again to the stage, because he was, apparently, not with the winner agree. West thought Beyoncé again for the rightful winner… It will be exciting, who was awarded this year, according to the rapper incorrectly.

scandals, scandals, scandals

in 2017, received the Twenty One Pilots price of short-hand-in-underwear – a strangely memorable Moment. Also in memory of the green dress, the Jennifer Lopez (49) 2000 concerning the red carpet walked. The neckline ended up deep under your belly button and caused a lot of shocked looks. For extraordinary Outfits is also known Lady Gaga (32). In 2011, she was worn on the red carpet in a giant Egg. Only when her Performance of “Born This Way” entschlüpfte you. And who looked at the Grammys 2015 exactly, the view on Madonna’s (60) has been granted. But the Queen of Pop is anyway the Queen of scandals…