A good third of humanity uses at least once in the month of Facebook – the claimed figures, the social network, at least in his quarter. 2,27 billion different users to access pay, according to the last quarter on a monthly basis to the network – and advertising, it is one of the most valuable platforms in the world. But now, a former classmate of Mark Zuckerberg’s doubts, of all things.

More than half of Facebook users to a Fake-Account, claims Aaron Greenspan, in a Report he published on his analysis-page “plain site”. The report refers especially to the fact that the Facebook publish user numbers “contradictory and absurd”, as Greenspan. So the network would take action in every quarter against hundreds of millions of Fake Accounts, but only between 3 and 12 percent of the false accounts on the page.

Facebook wants to delete a billion Accounts per year

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in fact, the company reported in a quarterly Report of its efforts to combat false Accounts. Alone in the first nine months of 2018, the network will have switched off according to the publicly accessible report 2,137 billion in wrong Accounts – almost as many as it reports monthly users. Failed creation attempts by fake Accounts are not captured explicitly. In this case, the network wants to have found nearly 100 percent of the Fakes themselves, only a tiny fraction has been reported, therefore, of users.

Greenspan appears to be Facebook’s estimate of Fake Accounts, which varies depending on the indication, between 3-4 and 10 per cent, solely on the Basis of these Figures as much too low. He expects that number beyond 50%. In doing so, he also takes into account that the agencies that Fake sell Accounts, claim a detection rate in the single-digit percent range. You have tens of thousands of Accounts. As long as they are not noticeable, for Facebook’s automated Search barely as Fakes. Also second accounts of people who have forgotten their password or Account beyond the work colleagues want to be recognized by Facebook for the same reasons, Greenspan.

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By Malte Mansholt Facebook’s value to its users

the charge Would apply, that would have real consequences. Facebook’s high market value also results from the fact that the network supported two billion users with advertising which is tailored to the user. About half should be Fakes, would be to apply the money of the advertiser simply.

Mark Zuckerberg is aware of that, Greenspan sure. In his view, the Facebook founder could be “the greatest impostor of all times”. Finally, the advertising business brings in Facebook many billions. As evidence of its adoption, the study provides chat to on the one hand, show that Zuckerberg is the value of the high numbers of users are aware of, and him on the other hand, ethical concerns do not stop. “Come on, you can be unethical and still be on the clean side. So I live my life haha”, should Zuckerberg have written to a fellow student. Many of the Chats have already been for a long time published.


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By Malte Mansholt

The two men had met in College, Greenspan social Network’s “home system” is seen by some as a role model to Facebook. Greenspan is regarded as a major critic of Zuckerberg’s implementation, the report is the summit of his previous criticism. “Readers can consider this report as biased,” says Greenspan. “But you must also note that he can still be correct.” He had spoken to last in 2015, with Zuckerberg.

Facebook says the allegations

And what Facebook says? “This is clearly wrong,” said a spokesman via e-Mail to “Mashable”. This is In regard to the allegations to be false, it is not clear from the statement. Next week, the group would have the opportunity to correct the Numbers, then the quarter will be expected to pay for the last three months of 2018. The stock market is sure to be listening intently: After the publication of Greenspan’s report, Facebook’s share price had fallen only once.

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