Superstar Michael Jackson in 2005

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The documentary “Leaving Neverland”, celebrated on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival Premiere. Since then, the discussion of the contents does not break down. After the sharp criticism from the administrator of the estate, family and Fans of the deceased superstar Michael Jackson (1958-2009), defended the Director, Dan Reed (56), now its Film.

“It’s a four-hour documentary film of a documentary filmmaker with years of experience in Researching and Telling more complex stories – and this is a complex story,” says Reed in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”.

On the specific allegation that this was a “stroke to the nature of the tabloid press”, based, countered: “I would say it is, without doubt, a documentary […] A four-hour work, is the Boulevard?” He had not stamped Jackson in the movie or commented on – rather, it is a story about two families and Jackson was an Element of this Story. It is not “not a Film about Michael”. “The Film is happening, a report on sexual abuse, such as sexual abuse, and what are the consequences later in life,” says Reed.

In the Film tell two today adult men about their relationship to the “King of Pop” in the 1980s. Choreographer Wade Robson (36) claims to be at the age of 7 to 14 years of age from Jackson abuse and describes the alleged abuse to the smallest Detail. The other man, James safe Chuck (40), the state as a child with Jackson for a promotional clip, in front of the camera, it was claimed in “Leaving Neverland”, to be of the singer from the age of 10 years are sexually abused. Also, this story is told according to the “Hollywood Reporter” in detail.

Michael Jackson’s family has released on Monday a statement: “We can’t stand by and watch this public Lynching by corpses, and others who have met Michael, never, just like that.” The Film to pick up on unconfirmed accusations that allegedly occurred 20 years ago, and treat this as a fact, the sharp criticism.

Michael Jackson is, even posthumously, still one of the most successful artists of all time. From the mid-1990s, he was confronted with allegations of child abuse. An investigation was set in 1994. In a later process, Jackson was acquitted in 2003 of all charges by the jury unanimously.

Michael Jackson died on June 25. June 2009 in Los Angeles at an acute narcotic poisoning. His then doctor, Conrad Murray (65), was sentenced in 2011 for negligent homicide to a term of imprisonment.