“Listen to us”, says Russia’s President Putin on March, 2018 the States of the NATO. Then he announced a whole range of futuristic weapons. During the speech, a colorful presentation computer showed images of the new wonder weapons. Including the giant torpedo Poseidon and several missile weapons, to reach Hyper – sonic speed, and atomic weapons can carry goods, such as the new Sarmat Intercontinental missile, the Kinzhal System and the ultra-fast skid Avangard.

First, it was derided Putin in the West. It is not believed that Russia could actually make so much progress in the armor. However, as the Kinzhal System was presented, took the speech seriously. The Kinzhal weapon is a ballistic rocket, which reached more than five times the speed of sound, and of a combat aircraft is launched.

Shortly before the end of the year 2018, the Kremlin showed two other systems. The Poseidon was a giant Torpedo with a huge reach – he represents a kind of underwater Cruise Missile.

more Important is the Avangard-skid. The first Start followed Putin himself in a military control center. “On my instructions the industry have prepared the company and the Ministry of defence, the final Test of this system. The Test was absolutely successful: All the technical parameters have been checked,” Putin said in the Russian TV. And he added that the System have left the area of Test and testing. In the next year, the first glider to be taken regularly in service.

Avangard dissolves in the medium term, conventional Intercontinental ballistic missiles. From a Silo of the glider from a launch, the rocket will be catapulted into the height. On the footage of the launch of the rocket, the glider itself. He is supported by a modernized variant of the old Soviet UR-100 missile in the atmosphere. There is only the hypersonic glider launches. Supposedly Avangard 20 times the sound speed are nearly 25,000 miles an hour and at this speed, fully maneuverable. The case of the glider in temperatures up to 2000 degrees must resist.

Currently, there is no defense possible

hypersonic weapons

experts warn of Super-fast missiles make nuclear war more likely

Gernot Kramper

Both of these properties make it impossible to Avangard intercept. Due to the high speed of the missiles the US can not catch up with the glider. The high maneuverability, it can also, any calls route to the destination. Unlike the conventional inter-continental ballistic missile, he can avoid the possible courses of anti-ballistic missiles. “We have no defense that could deny the use of such a weapon against us,” said U.S. air force General John E. Hyten, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, to the new weapon.

in 2001, announced by the U.S. the ABM Treaty, to build the world a private defense system, the ball can intercept ballistic missiles. According to the official version, the System is used to possible attacks from Iran or North Korea to fend off. Moscow saw this as primarily the attempt, the so-called balance of terror to undermine and neutralize the Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles. The development of its own defence shield was not an option for Russia, for cost reasons, the allies are missing the country, to such a System in the world to install. Already after the termination by the US official Authorities in Russia had announced to want to rocket to develop that can overcome the US System.

the world is unsafe

is A part of Avangard. The world is going through this modernization race betting, however, is still uncertain. The extremely high speed of these weapons sets the reaction time of the opponent is greatly reduced. The fear: no time to check a possible false alarm. May be the military defense of the United States will need to run automatically even in full, because it will not be possible to inform the US President and his command to be seen.

Not only Russia but also the USA and China hypersonic weapons are currently developing. However, Moscow should put Avangard in the next year in service, have the Russians in the race by a nose.

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