Lonely at the top: No Film made a more than “Avengers: Infinity War”

©Marvel Studios 2018

All the illegal piracy and legal streaming providers, in Spite of booming cinema business like never before. In fact, to have reached the end of prone year 2018, the new sales record at the worldwide box office. Fabulous 41.7 billion dollars (about 36,6 billion Euro) I can enter the film industry in the past twelve months – a gain of almost three percent compared to the previous year. The U.S. side, “Variety reported, among other things,” and refers to the forecast of the company Comscore.

Although Disney at the beginning of the year released “Solo: A Star Wars Story” for the first time, disappointing box office results for the ratios of the Franchise imports, dominated the Studio clearly ahead of the competition. This was because it Was with “Avengers: Infinity” (2.05 billion dollars), “Black Panther” (1.35 billion dollars) and “The Incredibles 2” (1.24 billion dollars), three of the four most successful strip of the year.

the Only Universal Pictures was able to push with “Jurassic World: The fallen Kingdom” and 1.3 billion, Dollar played on rank three. Although critics may not have loved, ended up “Venom” for Sony Pictures to place five (855 million dollars).