Cycling to work? Healthy it would be – and good for the environment also. But in the rain and cold? Since the car is however, for most of the first choice. But that could soon change. In recent times, several Start, made-ups, these and other advantages of the cars on the E-Bike.

several of them were conceived in Scandinavia. No wonder, when one thinks of the weather there. The Swede Mikael Kjell man about demonstrated year-round usability in Videos in which he drives his closed, four-wheeled PodRide through the snowy Swedish landscapes. In order to protect him from the cold, offers his micro mobile, a closed passenger cabin with a chair that allows the seat height to level the car. The fabric-covered pulpit, together with the windshield to the front opening to allow easy entry. The comfort conducive to the air is likely to be in suspension. In addition, there are Front and rear lights and turn signals.

the 70-kilogram structure is Steered through two levers, which are parallel to the seat. On the pedals you push with the support of a BB-mounted 250-Watt machine, the rear axle. As in the case of Pedelecs is the maximum speed of 25 km/h. one battery charge is enough support for 60 kilometers. The already-2016 project presented, according to its own Website, however, more on the search for supporters. So far there are only prototypes. If and when there is to buy the PodRide, is uncertain.

the purchase prices of 5,000 Euro

is Supposedly already on the finishing straight, however, the Norwegian Start-up Podbike compared to the PodRide clearly chic-acting velomobile. According to his own statement, the Start-up, Per Hassel Sørensen, under the name of the company Elpedal in life can have already been thousands of pre-orders. Centrally located in the vehicle interior to the rear slightly inclined single seat. Directly in front of and below the seat of a Bicycle handlebar, the Podbike.

Up to 60 km/h to 60 kg in weight and construction should be fast. There is also a Pedelec version is planned to support up to 25 km/h. Meanwhile, several prototypes have been built. Customers can pre-order against the Deposit of 300 euros a Podbike. First deliveries will follow in 2019. The price for Germany is expected to be at around 5,500 Euro

The Norway imagined CityQ offers space for multiple occupants. © PR: CityQ

Also from Norway, the project CityQ. In essence, it is a Pedelec, which is, however, on four wheels, and even space for up to three people, which protects a roof against Wind and rain. The four-Wheeler with pedal drive and a 250 to 500 Watt E-machine is approved as a Pedelec, which limits the support of the E-drive to 25 km/h. The battery to allow ranges of 70 to 100 kilometers. With photovoltaic cells on the roof power be in sunshine during travel even for a couple of extra kilometers you generate. Thanks to the Pedelec-admission to the CityQ can do without mobile insurance and number plate and bike paths. With around 6,000 euros, the CityQ, however, the price of the car quite close. In 2019, the first copies should be delivered.

In Canada, rollers, the first Velomobile

More on transport competence from the German Jonas Kremer devised Citkar Loadster is designed. Of the approximately 60-kilogram Mini-Truck offers space in its covered passenger cabin of a Person in a seat. The elongated tail is also suitable for larger Luggage. A special container is designed for a maximum of 300 kilograms of cargo. In order to bring this weight in motion, helps the driver of a Pedelec drive. In addition to a 25-km/h Version a version is planned that can drive 45 km/h. The Kettcar for small logistics should be in 2019 available. The price is expected to be just over € 7,000.

Already a step further than the previously mentioned European suppliers, the tricycle Veemo in the canadian Vancouver-based company Velometro. This is where the company already operates a small pilot fleet for the spontaneous short-term rental. The Veemo is a tricycle. Some of the technical details of the Veemo-trike are more typical of cars, such as the wiper for the large windscreen, electric Windows, turn signals, the trunk or the large touch screen inside the vehicle. In the roof are solar cells integrated.

In Vancouver, some of the copies of the Veemo-mentioned vehicle are already on the way. © PR: Velometro

so Far, could use students, students and employees of the University of British Columbia and employees of the city of Vancouver, the Veemo fleet. Via the App, it is this limited group of users possible, the three wheels spontaneously to rent. From the spring of 2019 Velometro as a commercial Service to make the new mobility offer for all residents in Vancouver’s accessible, and then other major cities in Canada conquer.