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Artificial intelligence will all of us make life easier: in the Job, if we are looking for a suitable candidate to schedule appointments or have questions, whose answer can also give us chat bots, and digital assistants. Perhaps capable of learning computer programs to compose even our favorite music. The Vision of the one. Others see AI as a threat. Algorithms to manipulate us, us job search, discriminate, robots take over one day, our professions – so, ultimately, unemployed.

at Least all agree That the technologies that fall under the term AI. Business representatives are calling for support from the state, so that Germany is in the competition and the AI-technology. Skeptics want more transparency, what and how computer programs to learn independently, and that the technology limits. Because, the more such neural networks can, the more dangerous it is, if people trust your judgment blindly.

The Federal government is now trying to unite all of this in your strategy, Artificial intelligence, which was presented on Thursday in Potsdam, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz in front of journalists. On the one hand, Germany is to be “the world’s leading location in the development and application of artificial intelligence”, what could it say, according to Merkel, “so far”. On the other hand, citizens would have to protected rights, as well as “the fundamental social values and fundamental individual rights” in an age of artificial intelligence are respected. A difficult balancing act. How exactly would that work?

The key points of the paper the three key ministries – of economy, research and work – in July-to be announced – at the time, the plans read still rather vague. The 80 pages include 31 changes the terms “check” or “check”. But where the Text is concrete, reveals the Federal government at least a little bit about your own views on the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Here are the main plans in the Overview.

jobs and training

Which Jobs could be eliminated by the AI? And what of those whose job is lost? Experts try to answer that. The Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB) about the fact that while 1.5 million Jobs by 2035 superfluous, but about just as many new. Similar Figures for the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, called recently, the Funke media group, according to 1.3 million jobs could be replaced by machines – the digital change but could also create 2.1 million new.

Artificial intelligence series: engine room

Algorithms, intelligent Software and robots can do more and more things, which still Recently, only the man is capable of. They not only handle rapidly growing volumes of data, but to read texts, understand language, recognize faces, and analyze in real time their environment to drive their own car.

What is the meaning of this rapid development of the artificial intelligence (AI) for our life, our work world and our humanity? These issues has dedicated TIME ONLINE in the series of the engine room.