television, which is popular with children of today. Much prefer to go with Streaming services, the content, look exactly what you want to see. One of the most popular services for this is Youtube. However, in recent weeks, two serious scandals shook the Faith that the service is able to protect its youngest viewers. Youtube cannot solve the underlying Problem at all?

paedophile networks, and suicide-instructions

The two scandals hit the service hard, because both times it has touched the deepest Fears of parents: First, it became known two weeks ago that pedophiles were using the platform to provide themselves with the Material. A whole bunch of really innocuous Clips of children, to see but in which the semi-suggestive poses, were, are chock full of sexual comments. Apparently, the Clips of the Pädosexuellen were used to stimulate, they divided the contributions to one another. Observers speak of real networks. An idea that is likely to turn the majority of parents the stomach.

at the beginning of the week, it became known that in some, actually harmless Videos for kids murky contents were hidden. As found in Clips of the show “Peppa Wutz”, or in the case of children the popular game “Splatoon” instructions how to use the wrists properly cut. The worst part: The Clips were popped up on as a child-friendly marked, therefore, also in the extra for children developed App, Youtube Kids.

Blogger post

pedophilia allegations, Nestlé, Dr. Oetker and Disney advertising on Youtube

stop, Block, lock, log

Now, the group has announced in a Blog-Post measures, which the crisis would be averted. Many channels and users have been deleted, therefore, some channels are excluded from earning with content money. The comments of all the Videos that show children, were turned off. More than ten million Clips are to be reported by “Ars Technica”. In addition, it should be easier to report it to the appropriate Videos. The group is responding only to concerned parents: prominent advertisers such as Disney, the Fortnite developer Epic or Dr. Oetker had because of the pedophile problems of their promotional deals withdrawn.

But the challenge for Google is not likely to be long gone, the two scandals only show a fundamental Problem of Youtube. The Streaming service is now simply too large to be able to have full control of all content guarantee. In one Experiment, a Youtuber, for example, within minutes, dozens of grace sexually find Videos of children and adolescents. They used a seemingly innocuous search terms, got from Youtube by the algorithm are always new Clips suggested. “Once you’re in the wormhole, there will be nothing else,” he says resignedly in the Clip. Some of the Videos had millions of views, he would have also discovered Links with real child porn.

The algorithm is not enough

Youtube, these Clips can be made with existing resources. Google is one of the pioneer to artificial intelligence image content to detect even the Algorithms are simply not ready to recognize such content fully automatically and reliably. The service must rely on the fact that they are marked as offensive. The main target group of such Clips in it but no interest at all. The Alternative is to check all the content by hand and then release, it should be, given the myriad of new Clips difficult to implement.

So Youtube is a hard to solve challenge. And the parents need to think very carefully about what Videos they allow their children to see.

sources: Google’s Blog, Ars Technica, BBC, Wired, Guardian, Youtube

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