The product testers have seen freezers. These are devices that only have a large freezer in the minus 15 degree rule. A cooling room for milk and cheese do not have. In the Test, only devices. Freezers were not taken into account.

were Tested two or three different device sizes: small cabinets with about 70 litres, stand devices of about 150 litres, and two giant closets with 234 litres. Even greater cooling device 400 litres and more – there are just as a chest. They were not in the Test, and are also so great that the purchase is worthwhile only for gastronomy, farmers and hunters.

The small devices are less commonly in demand, most of the customer access device in this class to a combo. The Test results meticulously the really usable contents of the cabinets. The is often significantly smaller than the information in the prospectus. The reason: The manufacturer from fairs to have a completely empty Cabinet without shelves, and drawers.

electricity is more expensive than the device

Stiftung Warentest examines cooling devices

A good refrigerator you can get for less than 200 Euro

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

energy efficiency appliances in the case of cooling is an important issue, after all, the cabinets work 365 days of the year and not just a few minutes in the week. In General, the large devices consume less power, at least when consumption and the content will be set in Relation. In absolute Numbers, the large devices require, but the more energy.

The product testers have calculated for the comparison of the power consumption for a service life of 15 years. As expected, the costs of energy are higher than the purchase price of the device. In the case of the larger cabinets strong differences: The most efficient device consumes power for 850 euros, the other candidates are at 1200 euros.

budget tip

For a longer shelf-life: store in the refrigerator, everything in the right place

Special attention to the put the tester on the Freezing. The question here is whether the cabinets will manage to cool a greater amount of material to be cooled down quickly was. The two XL-cabinets were loaded in the Test with 12.5 kg at once, the small devices had to cope with less weight at once.

test winner and price tip

The quick Cooling is important so that the chilled goods retain taste and quality. Here the most expensive unit failed in the Test. The Miele Cabinet FN27474ws costs 1400 euros and cashed in on the topic of Freezing a defective evaluation. Of the small freezers no candidate came on a satisfactory Note. Best of Liebherr GP1376 cut off even with the touch of 2.7. The device will cost 405 Euro.

winner of the test was a unit from Miele. The Miele FN24062ws received the Distress (or 1.9). He also achieved good performances in Freezing and the cost is 660 euros.

The second-placed device – based well with 2.1 – comes from Bosch. The GSV29VW31 costs 575 Euro, however, almost exactly as much as the winner of the test, and then cut off but noticeably better. Price tip would be the good device of Bauknecht (GKN17G4 A2+ WS). It achieved a grade of 2.2, and only costs 485 Euro.

The whole Test, you can read for a fee here.

kitchen Hygiene

what types of leftovers are in the fridge bad?

Everyone has already kept once parts of a meal in the fridge. However, in spite of the cooling leftovers do not remain eternally preserved. If you overdo it, you risk food poisoning.

Gernot Kramper