Tommi Piper was on the tenth day out from the jungle


On the tenth day in the jungle camp, the remaining ten candidates came into use, because all the had to as celebrity gladiators to prove in the test – and the Stars did surprisingly well. Tommi Piper (77). in any case, take a breath, because he was elected at the end of the out and had to leave the Show

tears on the way to the Hotel

First see it but, among other things, the statement of Sibylle Rauch (58), which was eliminated on Saturday, as the second candidate. “I’m going to miss you,” said Evelyn Burdecki (29) and embraced the “Popsicle”-Star multiple times. “The is simply of the game,” said taken Smoking to some extent, before then but still tears rolling down. In the Camp it was “harder than you think” and she’s not 30 anymore. You’ve given her the best possible, but enough, unfortunately.

“Alf”-a voice-Tommi imitated meanwhile, a couple of Mitcamper. Even if he is the eighth Model Gisele Oppermann (31), muscle man Bastian Yotta (42), or curry sausage man Chris töpperwien (44) more bad than good morning, rails the occupants to have their fun with it.

Evelyn was surprised in two ways: For one, you confessed that you’ve a very great homesickness. “I’m a full-on fight with me,” she said. In the “TV world” live you a “dream”, you had to “know where you came from.” You realize “here, in full, what do you appreciate the outside.”

in addition, Evelyn confessed that she had no “MIS-education” and singer Peter Orloff (74) said that 2019 would be for you to “smart year”. You’ve made up your mind to study in the jungle and to read books. And then she wanted to go to Wall Street or “in any case, what with Finance”. Peter noted that Evelyn had a “natural intelligence” that might have been not fed always.

ants, snakes, and spears

Yotta had to tell the Team, finally, that today is not elected. Instead, he explained that all candidates must be with in the exam. “Yeah,” said Doreen Dietel (44). The campers were led into a small gladiatorial Arena where you should deal with four tasks. With a matching “morituri te salutant” greeted Peter, the moderators Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel Hartwich (40).

In the first round should put Peter, Evelyn, Doreen, Tommy, and Leila Lowfire (25) their heads in Gladiator helmets, which were enshrined in transparent boxes. For three minutes you should be able to take it with the head in the Box, while the green ants had crawled on them. “Bah, disgusting”, said Evelyn, after the test and found that everything was still worse than a fruit acid peel – however, the five candidates considered.

In the second round, Yotta and Ex-Bobpilotin Sandra kiriasis and her (44) should star in the spears on a large rocker skid. Three had to stay put in order to earn more stars for the Team. To distraction Yotta got a couple of cockroaches in the mouth, but managed to with the last spear. Good for him, he had indicated that he would leave the Show if he would get no star. Sandra, however, was too excited, as it was her turn – and then the cancer was also on the floor, you should be with the mouth. Not a single spear stuck – and, therefore, there was no reward for Sandra.

Chris had to climb into round three in a snake cage, and there, within five minutes of a star by a long rope to solve. No Problem, he completed the task confidently. Most recently Felix van Deventer (22) and Giesele. Gisele should have an eagle on your Arm, land, star, attachments, and to send the bird to a vet. The should send the star against another swap and the eagle. Also, it worked wonderfully – and the candidates recorded a total of nine out of a possible ten stars.

time for a lot of more tears

Finally it was time for letters from home. “I could not imagine that it will be so hard without you,” wrote Mary to Yotta. In the case of the strong man tears flowed and he did not know, “you will be the last woman in my life”. She was “such a wonderful person.” Their proud parents wrote their “Bob-hare” Sandra, do you “really proud”. Especially the mentioned, sudden death of her dog Ronja was stirred for Sandra to tears, her parents assured her, but: “Ronja is wagging behind the rainbow bridge and is watching you.”

the other letters, many of the candidates touched: Evelyn’s family said that they “should not just come without the crown and the testing out of the jungle”, Giseles best friend to her courage and wrote that her Little “be proud of your mom,” and Doreen got from Sonny Marlow, a “beautiful greeting into the jungle book”.

“fight for what you have done to you”, fired at Chris’ mom, him, and Peter who wants to donate his Gage, got encouragement from a Foundation friend and his wife. Felix not only got Mail from his brother, and his girlfriend Antje wrote a few lines, and assured him that it sticks to his unborn child, “the”, and your good to go. Your friend Mia and her godson, Noah, were also “incredibly proud” to Leila.

“This adventure is a special one in your life,” said Tommies son in his letter and said: “hat’s off to your courage!” His wife could not write to Tommi, however, because she was capable of – he did not want to speak. The adventure ends on the tenth day, however, because Tommi had to leave the Camp. “I am satisfied with the way it was with you,” he drew as a conclusion. He was glad now that he no longer had to eat rice.

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