Facebook has a reputation as in the past, the leaders and lobbyists of the tobacco industry. To save the did everything, really everything, to cover up the harmful effect of cigarettes – and the business – to sharp laws you stopped.

Facebook has destroyed in the past two years, similar to a lot of trust to make the influence of The Russians during the US presidential election, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, least of all, the realization that Facebook, in Washington, has hired a lobbying company, against his opponent’s mood. The share price collapsed by more than a third.

Facebook Manager Sheryl Sandberg

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To the centre of the criticism, more and more Facebook’s number two, Sheryl Sandberg advanced. You and your Team would have hesitated with the enlightenment; they carry responsibility for the orders to the Washington Lobby firm; it is the wanted to make from the data of the Facebook users at any price billion. The pressure on Sandberg is great. Scott Galloway, a Marketing Professor from New York and one of the mentally and rhetorically nimble Facebook critics, predicts for 2019 that Sandberg will throw in the towel your Job.

“We don’t want your Internet to be monitored closely”

First of all, Sandberg has occurred on Sunday in Munich, at the Internet conference DLD, purified. Directly in front of the great Happenings at the world economic forum in Davos, the Hot Shots in the US-Tech to run companies there traditionally warm. If you’re already in Europe, why not a few more messages to announce?

Sandberg’s message was: We have understood. We know that we need to gain confidence again. Your speech gave Sandberg the title “What kind of internet do we want”, “What kind of Internet do we want?” and the core points in a TV Interview with ARD and in writing (!) run Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper” ventilated. It was, as always, according to big technological innovations. After some time, there is a period of reflection and learning. And with the Internet, this Phase has now. “We don’t want any Internet that is out of control,” said Sandberg. But we don’t want any, that is closely controlled, the people can no longer Express.”

7.5 million dollars for the technical University of Munich

Only, what does that mean? For Facebook, the last years have been difficult. But you listened and learned. Facebook was the Facebook of the past. And then Sandberg called five points, where you just have to change now much. A lot of money to spend for more security, you arm yourself against Manipulation of elections, seeking more decisive action to wrong user accounts and targeted the wrong information, we want to be sure that users could control their information on Facebook. And therefore, to increase the transparency.

Tasteless tweets

SPD Vice Ralf Stegner compares Facebook’s Director of the NSU terrorist Beate Zschäpe has been held

Also stingy Facebook is. In Germany, Facebook of the Technical University of Munich, is donating over a period of five years, 7.5 million dollars, so there is a “TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence” built in an institution may be, then, that the ethical issues of Artificial intelligence. And also with the Federal office for information security (BSI) wool are now working more closely together. To lock and also not further regulation, laws, said Sandberg. It would have to be the right one.

Sheryl Sandberg defends Facebook’s business model,

it was Remarkable, that Sandberg is Facebook’s business defended model: advertising. “It is not a contrast,” she said, “to show people relevant advertising, and to protect your data. We do both. We do not sell any customer data. And we also provide no information without the consent of the customer, advertisers.”

It’s amazing how self-aware of how little contrite, Sandberg, in her speech at the DLD purified, gave, improvement promised, in spite of the scandals of the past few years. It almost seems as always, as in front of the big bankruptcies. Here, it is a classic smokescreen tactic, the Facebook-lobbyists, in the case of resistance and problems, first of all, to do so, so they wanted to. with all the talk, all the ally to do something together All of this is to prevent laws. Most of the time, except in the case of the German network of enforcement act (NetDG) – manage that too. What is relatively new is that Facebook is involved at universities in Germany. The quasi-pre-political strategy, Google has been pursuing for some years.

discussions with Barley and Altmaier

It is not actually everything as always. Sandberg, the knowledge is likely to. At least in Europe, the policy is preparing to leave the Constitution of the Internet is less and less the companies earn money, but to pour them in the laws. And since Sandberg knows that Facebook and Google are the main points of attack. That’s why the DLD should have been, but for an interesting look.

more Important, however, the dates of the German policy at the beginning of the week, with the Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) and Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). Mainly Barley, is also top candidate of the SPD in the European elections, is pushing for further European regulations and has been profiled in the past year, during the Cambridge-Analytica scandal as a Facebook critic. Really exciting it would have been if you would have discussed with Sandberg at the DLD. Because Notice of the Hot Shots from the Silicon Valley, not alone caught in Europe.

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