In the Tech scene applies to our health as the next big thing. How important is the issue for the industry, showed a statement from Tim Cook at the beginning of the year. “It will be quite clear in the area of health,” answered the Apple CEO in an Interview, the question of Apple’s biggest contribution to humanity. Meanwhile, many health insurance companies have recognized that Fitness Gadgets such as the Fitbit trackers, sports watches or the Apple Watch will motivate people to a healthier life style. And give the Insured an even money.

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The logic behind this is simple: Every More movement contributes to the General health, strengthens the heart and circulatory system, lowers the risk for diseases such as Diabetes and saves the funds thus follow-up costs. Fitness trackers, sports watches such as the Polar Vantage (here in our Test) and Smartwatches help draw attention with easy-to-understand visualization and subtle, to create a guilty Conscience in the case of too little movement. And the makers of spines so very easy to take the stairs instead of the Elevator. But what are the funds to support the purchase of the Fitness assistant? And what to do for the Insured? We have checked with the largest German health insurance companies.


In the case of AOK, the Situation is depending on the country, the Association is completely different. The AOK state associations of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Bremen/Bremerhaven, Germany, Hesse, lower Saxony, North-Western Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt said on request, to Fund no Fitness Tracker. In the case of the other three regional associations, there is a grant, it is very different.

AOK Nordost

“In the framework of the AOK-health account, the AOK Nordost subsidised every two years, 50 percent of the purchase price of Wearables, or a maximum of 50 euros,” said the cashier. Thus, both the Fitness to be promoted-Tracker as well as Smartwatch.

AOK Plus (Sachsen/Thüringen)

“We bonuses transfect the purchase of a tracker with 3000 points in our bonus program, an increase of 30 euros.” The Apple Watch is expressly also part of the program. However, the Tracker would have to have been purchased by the Insured itself during a membership portfolio, limits the Fund. In addition, only one device will be subsidised in the year.

AOK Rheinland/Hamburg:

At the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg is in the context of the Bonus program is much more: Takes you to a health action part, you get either 50 Euro is paid or can claim 250 euros for various health benefits – certified Fitness trackers and Smartwatches like the Apple Watch will fall. Part of a three measures, the contribution, to 125 Euro cash or health benefits up to 500 Euro. You can let the Apple Watch but not pay for it. “A total of a maximum of 80 percent of the invoice amount will be refunded,” said a spokeswoman for the star.


In the Barmer although there is in principle support for the electronic Fitness assistant, a free choice of customers. Also, the Apple Watch won’t be funded. “The Barmer reimbursed currently no cost for the purchase of Fitness trackers or Smartwatches. In the framework of the Barmer bonus program can choose our Insured, among other things, a Fitness Tracker from the rewards catalogue, if you have collected enough bonus points,” so the health insurance company.

BKK Mobil Oil

The company’s health insurance Mobil Oil funded, in addition to classic Fitness trackers, the Apple Watch through a rewards program, here “Fitforcash”. “There are at least three points need to be made to our bonus program are met, for example, a dental plan, Krebsvorsore, Vaccination,” said a spokesman. Then between 50 and 250 euros will be taken.

IKK classic

“The IKK classic subsidized trackers the purchase of Fitness and Smart Watches, the Apple Watch,” says a spokesman. The Insured must use in a year, a minimum of four health measures. “The grant is a maximum of 150 Euro for each Bonus period, a minimal amount there is.”


“The miners’ social insurance funded no Fitness Tracker,” was the response to the request.

KKH Commercial health insurance

the KKH subsidised fitness tracker and the Apple Watch, if health be submitted to measures such as sports or early studies. “The premium heights of between 30 and 180 Euro”, so the information provided by the Fund.

Pronova BKK

After all, there is something of the Pronova. “The Pronova BKK funded the purchase of a Fitness-Trackers, regardless of manufacturer, through the bonus program,” said the cashier to the star. From three health measures such as vaccinations and dental plan, the Bonus of 30 euros can pay off. Who is a member in the fitness Studio or a professional tooth cleaning, you can still collect 30 Euro extra.


Also, the SBK supported the purchase of the device. “We subsidize the purchase of Fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch, as part of our bonus program,” said a spokeswoman. The Insured must collect two to ten health stamp in your bonus booklet, by an amount between 20 and 100 Euro to get back. It takes part for the first Time in the bonus program, there are even 125 Euro.

techniker Krankenkasse

The technician supports the purchase of Fitness trackers and Smartwatches in the context of its Bonus program, confirmed a spokeswoman. In order to participate in the Insured about dental cleanings or checkups can submit studies. Also, a minimum number of steps over a period of time contributes to the Bonus. How high the support is, we got not answered.


Assured the Viactiv need to pay the sports equipment itself. “The Viactiv funded, not a Fitness Tracker or Apple Watches,” from the cashier.

Insured questions deals

From the Insured accepted the offers. Some of the funds reports of high interest: “Among all the services demanded of the AOK health account, you are in 3rd place”, explained about the AOK Nordost. In the case of other Insured come back less on the offer. The devices landed “in our Ranking only on 8th place, significantly behind the professional tooth cleaning, osteopathy or eyeglass lenses,” reports the BBK Mobil Oil. “Our customers don’t prefer only Apple Watch. Other fitness tracker asked.”

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