Whether you use an iPhone or Galaxy: Without the right cell phone contract, the best Smartphone is largely useless. If only the search for the right Tariff would not be so nerve-wracking. The Fall in the small print of the contract are over, thanks to a new scheme, although, fortunately, the choice is still huge. We tell them how to find the right mobile phone contract.

The worst stumbling block of a mobile phone contract is since 1. June 2017 history: The likes in the small print hidden Traps of contracts will belong to the new transparency regulation, the Federal network Agency in the past. All vendors must present the most important Details of the contract, such as the volume of data, the price and possible restrictions, will now open in a clear and understandable pattern. In the case of “Test” you can see an example of such an arc.

So, you can find the best mobile phone contract

Whether Prepaid or contract, LTE, or just UMTS or Allnet-Flat against included minutes and SMS: Before you start with the search for the best mobile phone tariff, you should be in the Clear, what are the requirements exactly to his Fare.

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With the right questions to get the Collective Chaos in the handle.

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Which network should it be?

The most fundamental question in the search for a mobile phone tariff, according to the mobile network. Currently, there are in Germany Telekom, Vodafone and O2-parent Telefonica are three large providers that operate a private network. The E-Plus-by-step E-network is merged with the Telefónica network. The nearly 50 other providers like Aldi talk, and co. rent the mobile phone networks in the Large.

But which network is the Best? How good the networks are, in principle, in comparison cut off, you will learn in this article. The largest area coverage in General, the D1 network of Deutsche Telekom and the D2 Vodafone network. O2 can score points, especially in cities, but also brings to the country. An important factor is also the Expansion of the high-speed network LTE. How is the reception in your own home fails, the cards of the mobile provider. You can find them here:


in Addition, ask to experience in your own circle of friends and family is worth it, a Around.

is Worth the cheap Resellers?

A majority of the offered rates today comes not from the three network operators but Resellers. The rent for their services, the three networks and offer their own, often cheaper rates. Thus it is necessary to reckon often but with limitations. In the case of many Small savings to the Service, in the case of Resellers in the D2-network, there are only in exceptional cases, LTE. In many you can save, but actually quite a bit of money. And in these networks, the savings provider:

Telecom network (D1)

Vodafone (D2)

Telefónica (O2)

call mobile (depending on your plan)

1&1 (depending on Tariff) sparks

1&1 (depending on your plan)



Aldi Talk

Freenet mobile



clear mobile (depending on the Tariff)picture mobile


call mobile (depending on Tariff)

Discotel and disco plus

Edeka mobile



Galeria mobile

Kabel Deutschland


Maxxim (depending on your plan)

Hello mobile

o. tel.o

clear mobile (depending on your plan)

smart mobile (depending on your plan)

Maxxim (depending on your plan)



power club

prima mobile

smart mobile (depending on Tariff)



Whatsapp Sim



What is the term of the contract?

there used to be only two models: Prepaid, or two-year contract. Today, customers have much more selection. There are tariffs with a monthly or without a notice period, contracts without a term but with an automatic parcel-post or classic Prepaid or fixed-term contracts. The customer the choice between the greater flexibility and lower prices remains in the rule.

Generally speaking, we can say: The longer you tie, the more attractive the terms are. This is true but only as of the date of the financial statements. All of the suppliers to it, after a year at the same price several gigabytes of data volume, you have to come in a two-year contract to continue with the smaller volume.

people Who have a subsidized phone to get (see below) will have to rule for at least one year commit.

How much data volume do I need?

included While in the past, Included minutes and SMS, it is today mostly as Allnet-Flat. The included volume of data before throttling is the most important aspect of modern mobile phone tariffs. Anyone who surfs on the go a lot, you need of course the appropriate volume. But who is, so far, always come with its data, should reflect the contract change over an increase. Websites and services like Instagram to consume larger and larger amounts of data, the need will grow over time. And is often book more expensive.

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attention: Some phone contracts contain a data automatic, the book, according to the usage of the data volume automatically new – for a fee, of course.

How lame it is after the throttling? to note

Also: How strong is the throttling when on the phone the inclusive volume is used up. In the case of the cell phone rates for almost all providers, you crawl to the Thwart with 64 Kbit/s through the network – which corresponds to the speed of the ancient ISDN. The only exception to this is currently on O2: In the newer Tariffs, the Telefónica-brand itself after the included volume is still 1 Mbit/s. For chat and mail is more than enough.

another variation: Individual provider in their mobile phone contracts certain services from the included volume. In the case of the Telekom about Streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will not be deducted from the volume – this can reduce the data consumption.

Without a Smartphone saves you the most

An important saving potential lies in the question of whether the mobile phone contract, a device is already purchased. While the Provider of subsidized early mobile phones and Smartphones are strong, you pay today are often just as much, just over the contract period. Tariffs without a mobile phone to press the monthly bill, therefore, oft.

anyone Who finds a good sub, however, also think about the device itself and to sell it then. Caution: The providers prices are usually appreciably higher than the actual market. In addition, the contract offers with popular Smartphones like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Here in the Test) are often significantly more expensive.

mobile phone contract despite Schufa entry?

once you have credit problems, it can be difficult to get a mobile phone contract. Many providers such as 1&1, blau.de and, above all, Prepaid providers also offer users with a bad credit Score a contract. If necessary, you have to expect but with limitations. A request is worth it anyway.