At the Australian International air show presented by Boeing to be Airpower Teaming System (ATS). This is a semi-autonomously operating combat aircraft is not flying alone, but as a Wingman to a manned combat aircraft. The “Loyal Wingman” is being developed in collaboration with the Royal Australian Air Force.

Already in 2020 should be able to fly a prototype. A manned Jet to be accompanied by four to six of these robot pilots. The Loyal Wingman will be able to fly semi-autonomously, but can also be controlled from a nearby aircraft or ground control station. The aim is the enormously high cost for the air to reduce attacks.

Effective magnification of the strike force

“The Boeing Airpower Teaming System will provide a decisive advantage for the manned/unmanned missions for the allied forces,” says Kristin Robertson, Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Autonomous Systems. “With its ability to different types of missions in Conjunction with other aircraft, will be the newest member in the Portfolio of Boeing is a force multiplier that protects the air and projected.”


Caihong 5 – As China’s cheap-combat drones to conquer the world

Gernot Kramper

About the exact capabilities of the Airpower Teaming System is still little known. It will only be about twelve meters long, which is about Hornet two-thirds of the length of an F/A – 18 Super and it should have a range of 3700 miles – 2000 miles. The System will struggle to be competitive and with On-Board Sensors to be equipped, which will enable him, intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance and electronic warfare tasks.

to distinguish drones From the well-known battle of this ATS noticeably. The new machines need to muster in about the flying skills of the Führungsjets, because otherwise the monitoring machines would slow the whole attack down. A drone of the type MQ-9A Reaper only reached a top speed of 482 km/h.

for Export

The ATS was purposely developed outside of the US, to bypass local restrictive export rules. “This aircraft is a historic endeavor for Boeing. It will not only be developed outside of the United States, but also designed in a way that our global customers can integrate your local content to meet your country-specific requirements,” said Marc Allen, President of Boeing International. “Our customer – led by Australia – to be effective partners of the programme, with the possibility of their own skills to support the programme, including a high-tech workforce.”

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Gernot Kramper