Whether Cowboy Scott Eastwood knows all the tricks?

©eye contact is a Must

Squire costumes, the rising alcohol level and jecke in the mood to celebrate: These three factors make a Flirt carnival is almost inevitable. To the delight of all the Singles Flirt to the fifth Season is allowed strictly. A Kiss here, a Bützchen, carnival friends show up in the cuddly mood, there is almost everywhere a state of emergency. But what to do if it’s not meant to be a kiss?

Great love or a little Romance?

often this is easier than you thought: At the carnival alone, due to the harsh amounts of alcohol faster human-to-human contacts. But also the opportunity to slip into another role and let yourself drift, affects many women and men attractive. Then it can happen that the sexy kitten is a victim of the dark vampire. Unfortunately, the Masquerade can only be for the night. Therefore, you should be in advance aware of whether one is in search of a Jeck for life – or only to a foolish adventure. So you can avoid the disappointment the Morning after.

The right costume

how to be attractive to rest of the acts on other carnival, Costume responsible. Between a sweet and a wicked kitty cat, a heaven of difference. In General, the Motto is: the more revealing the costume, the more attention from the Opposite is true at carnival. But also a good nun costume can seem to men to be extremely attractive.

the Flirt works a hundred percent

carnival is not a lot of dancing, but also dancing. Even if most of the carnival songs are rather unromantic, it can arise, especially when Dancing together in a erotic mood. While in the tent the Partner by the party or the disco in swirls, all by itself the opportunity to come closer and closer. Eye contact on the dance floor is a Must and a skilful Eyes anyway.

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