It was a daring strategy: With the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, Apple not only launched the most expensive iPhone of all time on the market, but the customer had a whole month longer the cheap Alternative – the iPhone XR – waiting. Now the reports are that the sales figures of the three devices are significantly below the expectations piling up. And Apple seems to plan, therefore, drastic steps.

The newspaper “Wall Street Journal” had reported earlier in the week that Apple had ramped up production of its iPhones. From iPhone XR Apple should be able to produce according to the assessment of the well-known analysts Ming-Chi Kuo as much as 30 percent less than initially planned. That would be a clear sign of lower demand. Now the “WJS could find out” further action. From Japanese mobile Provider you want, therefore, to learn that Apple wants to give next week to the network operators significant discounts. In fact, Apple seems to have more often such discounts negotiated the sale in the individual countries. However, in General, much later in the sales cycle.

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test: 130-Euro-Smartphone cuts as good as the iPhone XS – behind

By Malte Mansholt special case of Japan

“such A price reduction after only four weeks is rare, not only in the case of Apple, but in the case of Smartphone manufacturers in General,” said a senior Manager of a Japanese mobile phone group, told the newspaper in astonishment. How high are the discounts should be, is not known. Apple has in Japan, with a market share of almost 50 percent, most of the customers buy the equipment through a contract with your Provider. The customers seem to engage but more often an older iPhone.

One of the reasons for this could be a mistake from Apple in the last year. In Japan, many people use the Smartphone via NFC to Pay and, above all, as a subway map. The iPhone X many customers do not or twice complained that there charges were very regular and even, according to the Blog “At A Distance”. First revised models starting in April of this year, no longer have the Problem. Apple did not comment on the issue, Japanese users it’s supposed to be but have been very well known. That could explain a certain degree of scepticism towards the new devices, especially the still popular iPhone 8 must have never had the error.

Whether the discounts are also planned in other countries and as the sale location is not known. From the supply chain it is, but according to various reports, the sales figures of the iPhone, XR are among the world’s expectations. A possible reason for this is the “Wall Street Journal calls”: the buyer, the strike is equal to the sales launch, are enthusiasts in General – and are more likely to resort to the more expensive model. Those customers who prefer the cheap model, to beat later. As an example of this phenomenon is the iPhone 5c. Also in the case of Apple’s first cheap model of the year 2013, sales were unexpectedly low, but later.

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the iPhone X Comes back?

Remarkable, is actually a further possible consequence of the low sales: Apple should consider bringing the iPhone X back. The previous year model had been set with the introduction of the new devices. Probably so that no purchases of the new models will be cannibalized. That it might now be celebrating a Comeback, as a cheaper Alternative, according to the “WSJ” for a simple reason: Apple has ordered Samsung for more OLED screens, as well. With the new edition, you would have a use for them. Specific plans, in which markets and to which price the X could be, but are not known.

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