In March, announced Russia’s President Putin to a whole series of new weapons systems. Now, the Kremlin announced that another System was a laser weapon into service. The so-called Peresvet-Laser is a fighting-monk of the 14th century. Century named. Alexander Peresvet fought against the Mongols in the battle of Kulikovo. The battle is seen in Russia as a turning point in the struggle against the Mongol invaders.

In the published video, at the beginning of December in service-issued weapons mounted on heavy trailers and during the transport of a protective Box surrounded. It is expected that the Laser drones, missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft to intercept.

Faster than Jets and rockets

A Laser offers fundamental advantages as a defensive weapon. Because of its extremely high speed, the target a beam can take neither Dodge nor any other defensive measures. Laser are considered to be currently the only weapon that can fight the so-called hypersonic weapons. One of the disadvantages of the extremely high energy requirements of the laser. In addition, a laser beam always needs a direct, unbroken line to the target. This limits the range, in particular in the case of low-flying targets.

Putin described Peresvet-to develop lasers and other weapons in March, as a response of Russia to the decision of the United States in the year 2002, from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, to withdraw, and a global shield to ward off missiles. The majority of new Russian weapons is so designed that the expensive US-a shield can’t touch them. Weapons such as the missile S-500 Triumfator-M, and now the Peresvet-Laser should be able to intercept US missiles reliably.

performance data is secret

Technical details of the Laser are not known. You don’t know how high its performance is still the technology which he combines the light, even as the System finds its targets. In March, Putin claimed that “significant progress” be made in the Russian laser weapons program, and said, “there are good reasons to believe that we are our competitors in this area one step ahead”. However, he said: “I don’t want to reveal more Details. It is not yet the time. But experts will understand that with such weapons, Russia’s capacity to defend multiplied.”

in view of the prominent idea in the Putin speech and the skills of the other, at the time, featured weapons, it is not likely that it defense is just a weak Laser to the stationary drone. According to the state news Agency Tass reported the extradition from the Peresvet began Laser as early as 2017. Externally, the Russian Laser similar to the Laser Weapon System the U.S. Navy. About the abilities of the two weapons, the Similarity of the design, but says nothing.

arms race

The Russian bear shows its claws – is there any truth to Putin’s miracle weapon?

In the last year, Donald Trump sounded, that he possessed the largest nuclear button. According to Putin’s last speech must rethink Trump. The Russian President presented a whole Arsenal of high-tech weapons.

Gernot Kramper