Samsung introduces the Galaxy S10 in February, here is the predecessor Galaxy S9 is still to be seen


a Lot of it is not what is officially the new Galaxy S10 known. The rumors about cook but almost. Insiders have blabbed a lot of information about the upcoming flagship of Samsung. Here is an Overview.

Four versions of the model

in December, the Samsung Insider Ice Universe of published information about which versions of the Galaxy S10, appear likely to be planned. Accordingly, a total of four different models are planned – a S10 Lite 5.75-inch screen, a S10 with 6,11-inch Display, a S10+ with 6.44-inch Display and one for later planned 5G Version of the S10, and then even come with a even larger 6,66-inch screen.

a number of Smartphone experts are sure that the S10 will have built a fingerprint sensor directly on the Display. So it would be the first Samsung mobile phone that supports such technology. Far-fetched, the prediction seems not, because the Sensor in the Display, is widely seen as a major Trend for Smartphones in the year 2019.

Because the Display is to take in even more of the face of the unit, save Samsung even the Notch (the notch at the top edge of the current cell phones). And at least, in the last weeks popular images suggest, and to show the S10. The Website “allaboutsamsung.de” published now for example, recordings on which it is clear that the S10 and S10+ instead, small holes on the top-right edge, where the front cameras are sunk.

Six cameras installed?

In terms of cameras uses Samsung, apparently, on the quantity – what is not must, of course, speak for lack of quality. So the S10+ according to rumors, not only a Dual should have installed a camera on the front, but also four cameras on the back. Leaker Evan Blass revealed meanwhile, already in January, the S10 will probably get by with a total of four cameras – one on the Front and three on the back.

in terms of runtime to do a lot of things. In a Teaser that has recently been shared also by Ice Universe, suggests Samsung with a short Animation that users can probably expect larger batteries and faster charging speeds. The business magazine “Forbes” referred to the rumors according to which the S10 Lite a battery with 3,100 mAh to get that the S10 will be at 3,500 mAh, and the S10+ a battery with 4,000 mAh.

what time does the Smartphone on the market?

What is important is that in addition to the many rumors already, officially, is the announcement date of the S10. Samsung announced that the S10 on 20. February is going to be unveiled. It is assumed that the start of sales will be shortly thereafter. In other rumors, the speech is currently available from the beginning of March.

The English-language Tech Blog “Gizmodo” want to know the prices for the UK market. In a report issued in December States that the S10 should appear Lite with 128 gigabytes of storage for the equivalent of about 770 Euro. The price of the S10 should be around 920 euros (128 GB), or about 1,150 Euro (512 GB). When S10+ there should be three storage variants: 128 GB for around 1,030 euros, 512 Gigabyte for about 1.260 Euro, and a 1 Terabyte for about 1,600 euros.