again in the “meat loaf junkie”: Sebastian Bezzel and Eva Mattes

©[M] imago/Future Image / imago/Horst Galuschka

at the beginning of December of 2016 celebrated the commissioners Klara Blum and Kai Perlmann alias Eva Mattes (64) and Sebastian Bezzel (47) with the “scene of the crime: life for What it is worth” your farewell to the Sunday crime. In the coming summer, there is a sort of Comeback for the former Bodensee-“the scene of the crime”-the dream team. Because they are together in the new boar Hofer-crime “meat loaf junkie” (cinema start: 1. To see August). The Bavarian broadcasting in the framework of the BR film brunches announced on Friday in the Munich house of literature.

As was seen in the Trailer, the film highlights of the year 2019 in addition, Bezzel play as usual, the village policeman Franz Eber Hofer. Eva Mattes slips into the role of Liesl moss hammer, in whose Person a burned body is found… “That she has played, so that has made me Director Ed Herzog with great pleasure,” said Bezzel, the news Agency spot on news in the BR film brunch on his new-old colleague. “Meat loaf junkie” starts at 1. August in the cinemas.