How you will look, what’s inside it and when will it be available? For months, Fans of puzzles about the upcoming Playstation 5. Now Reddit wants to have made users sensitive Details of the next game console from Sony public. And that he could be right, is not unlikely.

The User with the name “Ruthenic Cookie 4” claims to have this information. Who is behind the user name is not known. However, “know” him many of the previous Leaks, because he has something else in the Sony context correctly predicted. Namely, that the company will not be on the 2019 annual Gaming trade show E3 represented, for the first Time in 24 years. A day later, the Japanese group did exactly this announcement public. Also, he said.

This is also the reason, why him, now trust is given. “Ruthenic Cookie 4” could actually have access to these data, is at least not unreasonable. This is because many game developers already have a so-called “Dev Kits”, development consoles. These are the devices which get the developer prior to their games for the new console generation to prepare. This is only possible if the Playstation 5 is already in an advanced paced stage of development. Therefore you could call if you wanted to, probably largely safe Details.

Reddit Leak: could the Details of the Playstation 5 be

start date: According to his information, of wool imagined the Sony Playstation 5, just like already in the predecessor, in two steps. With an Event at the beginning and at the end of the year 2019. Market launch is, according to the “Ruthenic Cookie 4” then in the first or in the third quarter of 2020.

Hardware: The Playstation 5 will be in terms of Hardware, a “Monster,” it says. Sony should have paid to be attention. Because if the players buy an Xbox or a Playstation, choose, in addition to the number of available titles for each console, often. According to information from the Enthüllers on Reddit, the Plan of Sony to can games with native 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second pose.

The processor should have the Leak, according to eight cores, and the AMD-Ryzen-series. The could be modified at the end, then, specifically for the Playstation 5, the console manufacturers like to do. Information about the timing or the graphics memory, it was not in the Leak.

to integrate Sony’s plan, therefore, the connection for the next “Virtual Reality”-System, the Playstation VR 2, from the beginning in the Playstation 5. In addition, a camera in the console is to be installed, and the new Dualshock-5 controllers should be further integrated. New-Playstation-Move-controllers for Virtual Reality applications being worked on according to the Reddit-Leak, as well as digital gloves for VR operation. Whether that comes at the end of everything on the market, will be decided then, because of such Extra Features is saved at the end of the manufacturer’s side, if it is too cost-intensive.

pricing: the purchase price for the Playstation 5 wants to know of Reddit users already. To lie with 500 dollars around $ 100 higher than its predecessor. This may also be an indication that Sony is promoting the Playstation 5 as a Top model, and the Playstation 4 continue to operate. Finally, the Playstation 4 by the end of this year, has been sold almost 100 million times.

games: Sony has already confirmed that the “downstream compatibility” would play in the new Hardware has a special role. Especially games, which would then run on the new and the old console on both sides. For this reason, it is also expected that Sony plans already announced games like “The Last of Us 2” for the launch of the Playstation 5. If then, ultimately, all of the games for the new console will also run on the Playstation 4, is unclear. Quite conceivable is that you can play the games for the Playstation 4 on the new console.

This is the important information of the Reddit Leaks “Ruthenic Cookie 4”. Whether that will ultimately come to this, of course, is questionable. Such Leaks with caution. On the other side: The user has been previously correctly. Anyway, to market it takes also so long. Until then, Sony has time, planned Features to save and other to introduce. The basic data will not change. The console players may be curious.

source: “der Standard”, “Reddit”