There were angry weeks for Microsoft: First, the group flew a large October Update to the ears, users complained about deleted data. The group had to pull the Update back to an unknown period of time move. Now comes the next error: users complain that the Windows Installation requires a license – even though it was bought years ago.

On the screen appears a message that Windows was used with the wrong license: The Pro Installation is operated according to the Interpretation of the system with a key for the Home license. The user is urged to Act: He should download a Home Version, scolds Windows. The report users about on Reddit.

High conversions

Microsoft’s future is not Windows

By Christoph Fröhlich Windows forgets interpret the old key

The System seems to be the keys that were upgraded from older Windows Version to Windows 10, wrong. With the launch of Windows 10 to users of Windows 7, and Windows 8 could upgrade for a year for nothing. Fortunately, the bug has been fixed already. Microsoft strongly recommends that the “Activation Troubleshooter” to run, to end the Trouble.

The activation error and the failed October Update contexts, both with Microsoft’s decision to create with Windows 10 for the last, further developing the System. Previously, you had every few years a new System that was then improved with a two service packs. With Windows 10, this has changed.

Windows as a service

firstly, Microsoft wanted to bring its users on the “last Windows” – and offered for the first time, a free Upgrade. Instead of having to purchase a new license, could use the users of your old one – what led to the current error.

Much more dramatic the consequences of the second decision, however, are: With the shift to “Windows as a service” Microsoft wanted to think, the development of new. Instead, over the course of several years, a few Service Packs present, the group is now two major Updates per year. The consequences of this, such a great analysis of the topic in the Blog “Ars Technica”.

Quick update – a lot of errors

The biggest Problem: The fast-clocking with a fixed date in April and October, ensures that the development of the next update begins already before the last arrives at the customer. In the Test stage can be seen, therefore, dozens of new ideas – and with them the error in the program pop up for about a month before the Release of the Updates, the frequency of add is newly-added Features, then drastically down and the test phase begins. Only Microsoft cares to fix as many quirks in the Update.

Re valuable than Google

had to Why go Windows on Board, to make Microsoft strong again

By Malte Mansholt

The intensive testing to start only if the functions are already in place. This always leads to problems. In the last Test Version there was a bug that caused the System due to a deleted Cloud folder to crash. For Ars Technica that can only lead to two conclusions: The program code is not tested – or it will be delivered with problems. Both of these Alternatives are disturbing.


The structure in a programming and a testing phase, but has another effect: can Be found in the Test problems, which cannot be solved by other implementations – because there is no time for profound change. As a contrast, the Ars is called the Technica Google: There Code is played virtually on the same day in the existing Software, because it is tested prior to acceptance rigid. So errors will be found much faster and the Code is already stable before it is built-in to the next level.

After all, Microsoft promised improvements. So you want to give the insiders – the users must test the Software in advance are now more far – reaching ways to describe errors in more detail. Whether that’s enough. Currently, the Test Builds, according to Ars Technica so unstable that you can not as work devices used by the computers to use. The result is that errors will not be found so quickly as it would otherwise be possible.

The basic problem remains, in any event, Microsoft from provides the Software Matures then only when users of the finished product. The difference is only the clock is.

sources: Reddit, Ars Technica

piracy or not?

A man selling Software, which gives Microsoft. Now he has in jail

In the case of Software piracy, Microsoft has no mercy. The Eric Lundgren got to feel now. He wanted to only sell something, what is it with Microsoft anyway for nothing – and even for good reason.

By Malte Mansholt